"90 Day Fiancé" cast members, Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem, got into an argument on Sunday's episode. Angela threatened to call off her wedding with Michael after he invited her to a restaurant to have a sit-down talk with three women and his friend, Dawa, regarding their future wedding in Nigeria. Unfortunately, Dawa could not make it to the meeting so Michael waited for Angela with the women. When Angela got to the restaurant, she reacted differently from what Michael had expected. She awkwardly shook their hands and left, abruptly.

The American reality star got furious after she left the meeting.

She was surprised that Michael would bring other people to tell her what life in America looked like when she already lived there.

Angela says she's not a stupid woman

According to ET Online, Angela told her Nigerian lover that she wasn't a stupid woman and if she was a stupid woman, he should have no business marrying her because no one wanted a stupid woman for a wife. She said that she was not going to take advice from the three women. She also complained that Michael always chose to listen to others, instead of her. She angrily called their wedding off.

"90 Day Fiancé" star Angela, is very protective of her Nigerian lover. On the show, she explained how she didn't let Michael follow women on Instagram but somehow, he thought it would be okay for her to see him sitting with three women.

Deem Angela hears bad news

Angela had to put the argument she had with Michael aside after her daughter called her to tell her that her mother needed to be taken to the hospital immediately.

The Reality TV star said that her mother was suffering from dementia. 54-year-old Angela said that she might not see her mother again. She said that she didn't have the energy to worry about her mother and still fight with Michael.

Angela worried that Michael may not understand what she was going through. She showed concern as she told Michael that she worried if they were meant for each other and if they were ready to get married.

Previously, Michael really wanted Angela and him to have their wedding in Nigeria so that his visa process could be easy but she said he couldn't convince her because her family depended on her in America.

What do you think the future holds for the duo?

Angela posts a photo with a friend

Angela posted a photo on Instagram with her friend, Jojo. The 54-year-old blonde took a selfie with her friend and captioned the photo, "Jojo time."

Most of Angela's followers were angry with her for how she treated her man on the show. They took to the comments to show their anger and also advice the reality star.

One of Angela's fans asked her how the relationship she had with Michael was going to work when she broke up with him every week.

Another fan advised Angela to leave Michael if she was going to be so jealous that he couldn't make female friends.

What's your take on everything going on between Angela and Michael?