Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi is celebrating his son Jacob Hurley Bongiovi's high school graduation. The "Livin' on a Prayer" hitmaker's son Jake shared a photo of himself in his cap and gown with his proud dad, Jon Bon Jovi, smiling ear-to-ear on his Instagram account on Saturday.

Jake Bongiovi is the 18-year-old son of Jon and wife Dorothea. Jon Bon Jovi and his wife share four children, sons, Jesse, (Jake) and Romeo as well as one daughter, oldest Stephanie.

Life for Jon Bon Jovi during pandemic

Jake often called Jon's look-a-like, like millions of graduating high school students of the class of 2020 spent the day celebrating with his family after missing the last few months of his senior year of high school in quarantine due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

In February, just weeks before the world changed Jake shared with his social media followers his plans to attend Syracuse University in the fall. The second oldest Bongiovi son shared happy family photos with his parents after making his big announcement.

Time off is not time off for Jon Bon Jovi

He also announced at the time, that while he was unclear what he would be studying, just yet, he had plans to doctorate someday. Fans are well aware that Jon is a huge football fan and while Jake played high school ball at Pennington High School it is unclear at the time whether he will continue playing at the college level. We are sure if dad and big brother Jesse, who also played high school and then college ball at Notre Dame have any influence we will be seeing Jon share some photos' from the football filed later this fall should the pandemic allow.

Jake has already had his scares with the coronavirus, in late March Jon revealed that his son Jake had contracted the coronavirus. The "It's My Life" singer revealed that while he and his entire family quarantined together, about 15 days in Jake came down with what he described as a 'mild version" of the virus. Jon went on to state that the entire family took all the safety precautions necessary for the family's safety.

He described how Dorothea went into action creating a quarantine zone in the family's home allowing no one in unless they had gloves and a mask.

Bon Jovi family endures coronavirus

“But we kept him in there until all of the symptoms had cleared and now he’s a hundred percent.” Jon's son Jake is not the only Bon Jovi member to be stricken with the virus, keyboardist David Bryan also tested suffered from the virus.

Bryan has also fully recovered.

However, despite the quarantine, Bon Jovi has canceled their 2020 summer tour plans and postponed the band's latest album release until October.

Jon Bon Jovi announced in April the band's plans to postpone the tour revealing that the safety of their fans, the band, and all involved must come first. Despite having some major downtime on his hands, something that Jon is not really used to having the singer has stayed very busy. Jon spends his days not only working on his music, and enjoying his family, but giving back to his community by donating his time, and money to many great causes including his and Dorothea's passion project the JBJ Foundation.

While the world continues to suffer through day-to-day changes being thrown their way.

It has been suggested that we need to accept the fact that we may be living an entirely new way of life for some time to come.

We would like to say congratulations to Jon Bon Jovi's son Jacob on his high school graduation and college acceptance and thank Jon and family for everything they do to continue to make fans and friends days a little brighter each and every day by sharing parts of their's with us.