Jon Bon Jovi opened up about the possible musical future of rock band Bon Jovi amid coronavirus outbreak. Jon Bon Jovi talked with radio shock jock Howard Stern during a Wednesday virtual interview about the band's future tour schedule revealing it is a possibility that the band may 'never tour again.'

Life will change claims Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi die-hard fans are heartbroken, to say the least over Jon Bon Jovi's recent response to the band's touring future due to the world changes amid COVID-19. While the world continues to suffer through day-to-day changes being thrown their way.

It has been suggested that we need to accept the fact that we may be living an entirely new way of life for several months and possibly even years until the coronavirus is completely under control.

That being said when asked whether or not he felt the band would be going through with their recently announced 2020 tour, Jon stated as it stands right now, no, not from what he has read. Jon reveals that according to articles he has read everyone has an opinion and the majority claims that all tours for 2020 are out, and 2021 is still really iffy. That being said it could be 2022 before music fans could see a huge concert tour for their favorite bands and artists taking place.

Fans of Jon Bon Jovi may need to prepare themselves for bad news

According to Jon, who knows, there could be a possibility that touring as they know it could be over for good. In these uncertain times, the band could never tour again. Fans began taking to social media platforms expressing their feelings about the legendary singer's statements with many feeling very disappointed and heartbroken over the thought.

On a lighter note, Jon also revealed what he has been doing to keep himself occupied during the coronavirus.

Jon stated that he has been washing dishes 5-days a week at the JBJ Soul Kitchen, in Red Bank, New Jersey. The JBJ Soul Kitchen is a community restaurant owned by the "Livin On a Prayer" hitmaker where diners can opt to pay cash donations for their meals, or opt to exchange working in the diner in exchange for their dinners.

Jon reveals that during the coronavirus pandemic the restaurant is closed to public dining due to the New Jersey State of Emergency order, but is still open for take-out and in-need community. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer reveals he is there working and doing his part, for him meaning washing dishes.

Fans love Jon Bon Jovi's dedication to giving back

Not only has Jon Bon Jovi continued to do his part to help others in Red Bank, but Jon has also made sure to keep in touch with his fans across the globe via social media which have included live sing-alongs, virtual interviews, surprise visits to online classrooms, spending time with his family, and even engaging in an occasional Tik-Tok video just for fun.

We certainly hope at this time of change and uncertainty in our lives that life as we know it will return to normal sooner rather than later in all aspects. Until then we must continue with social distancing, staying at home while doing all that is necessary to achieve our common goal of resuming healthy, and safe lives.