Angela Deem, reality star and lover of Michael Ilesanmi, is starring on "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" She received bad news on Sunday's episode. The 54-year-old visited her gynecologist, hoping she would be told there was a possibility of getting pregnant for Michael because she got her period after two years of not having one.

According to TV Insider, the reality star's gynecologist broke it to her that it might mean bad news as she had already passed menopause. Angela was initially hopeful when a Nigerian doctor told her that she had one egg left, but her gynecologist in Georgia said that she didn't have any.

Angela Deem doctor suspects uterine cancer

According to ET Online, the doctor said that the reality star's bleeding might be a result of fibroids. She also said that Angela needed to be checked for uterine cancer as she had an enlarged uterus. The doctor told Angela that she wouldn't be able to carry a baby if it turned out that she had uterine cancer. Heartbroken and shocked, Angela still insists on having a baby.

Angela is still trying to get pregnant for her Nigerian lover, Michael. She said that he doesn't ask for too much and it would only be fair to do it for him and his mother. She said it would cost her, but if it makes Michael and his mother happy, then she'll be fine because she really loves his mom and he deserves a child.

Another Nigerian cast, Usman, said that in Nigeria, the man marries a second wife if the first wife can't have a child but Angela is not taking that as an option. She's very territorial of her man and has said she doesn't like "other people eating off her plate." She would go any length to get pregnant for Michael, except give him to another woman.

Angela Deem asks for her mother blessings

The reality couple met online while Angela was in Hazlehurst, Georgia. They both felt they had a great connection and Angela decided to meet Michael in Nigeria. According to Et Online, the "90 Day Fiancé" reality star and her lover, wanted to get married in America but it didn't work.

Their last option is to get married in Nigeria and try to get the visa again. Angela called her mother, a cancer survivor, and asked for her blessings and the mother gave it to her. Angela's mother said that Angela was going to do what she wanted even if she didn't give the blessings, while Angela broke down in front of the camera, saying that her mom gave her blessings even when she knew she would not be there for the wedding. She said that her mother always put her first and she loved her.

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