The movie scene in 2020 is down in the dumps because of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, Steven Spielberg remains a major force to reckon with. Two of his Movies “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park” have made it big at the US Box office. According to Hollywood Reporter, the latter earned just over $517,000 over the weekend of June 19-21. It took over from “The Invisible Man” that was favorite last week with much less earning. The pandemic has forced the closure of movie halls and viewers have opted for drive-ins. “Jurassic Park” played in 230 locations across the US, most of them were drive-in cinemas.

The Guardian says “Jaws” was in second place. It earned $516,000 from 187 venues. Full credit goes to Steven Spielberg for the ability of a 45-year-old film to still be relevant to the present day moviegoer. “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” is another of his movies of 1982 as is “Raiders of the Lost Ark” of 1981. Both of these also have a sizeable following but they appear lower down the list. Obviously, Steven Spielberg can deliver super hits on a regular basis. He has handled out-of-the-world themes that include sci-fi and selected topics where one's imagination can run wild.

Spielberg's movies had an unlimited scope of animation and the result is a moviemaker who has become a legend in his own right.

Steven Spielberg has improved with each movie

His “Jaws” was action-packed but its main attraction was a mega-shark. The year was 1975 and animation was in its infancy. Spielberg concentrated on a single character, which was the shark.

It kept the audience spellbound and the fascination remains even in 2020. His “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” of 1982 also relied on the animation of a single character – the ET itself. The animation in the movie picked up the emotions of the alien. Spielberg was improving with every movie and by the 1990s, he was ready to proceed with multiple characters.

It happened in “Jurassic Park” where dinosaurs of all types, shapes, and sizes gripped the imagination of viewers. The result is there for all to see in 2020 when the audience still prefers his movies.

As The Guardian reveals – at a time when many people go to drive-in cinemas to avoid jostling crowds and maintain social distancing, the majority want to see the films of Steven Spielberg. The report goes on to show that the total income for the current weekend was around $3.8m. It was a pittance compared to earnings of more than $200M for the same period last year.

Obviously, coronavirus has had a major impact on the movie industry and it will take time to return to normalcy.

The audience still loves ‘Jurassic Park’ created by Steven Spielberg

According to Hollywood Reporter, during the June 19-21 weekend, Spielberg's 1993 film “Jurassic Park” remained the favorite of viewers. It topped the chart. In fact, four of the top 20 were creations of Steven Spielberg. In view of the ongoing coronavirus and uncertainties associated with the movie industry, drive-ins are the answer. Many of them are open, others expect to reopen soon. Studios and cinema owners have taken note of the importance of drive-ins. The industry is passing through difficult times with most of the country's cinemas out of action since mid-March, and studios have kept releases in abeyance.

Hollywood Reporter has announced the release of four films in the month of July.

Spielberg stands tall even in a coronavirus environment

Right now, the movie world is in the doldrums with the release of many big-budget films put on hold. Unless the pandemic is controlled and moviegoers regain their confidence, those who make movies would remain a worried lot. With the growing popularity of streaming services, Spielberg felt the Oscars should not encourage Netflix. That was in 2018.