Singer Bryan Adams had a bad day on Monday May 11, revealing his frustrations over the Coronavirus and more. The "Summer of '69" hitmaker went on a long and nasty rant on Instagram, Monday night, letting his followers in on his true feelings about the coronavirus pandemic according to Fox.

Bryan Adams ready to get back on stage

The coronavirus quarantine appears to have finally taken its toll on Bryan Adams who let loose on social media with just how he feels about today's world problems. Adams stated he is mad, he is mad that his tour has been postponed and he is mad at the Chinese wet markets whom he feels are behind producing the killer coronavirus.

However, less than 24 hours later Adams had some time to cool down and rethink his previous rant and issued an apology on Instagram, Tuesday morning. He apologized to those he offended during his meltdown the previous day. The singer caught quite a bit of flack, after his tirade, from followers who didn't quite agree with the singer's feelings.

Quarantine gets the best of Bryan Adams

Obviously, the coronavirus situation has taken its toll on Adams and millions of others across the world whose lives have been completely turned upside down during this crazy time. Between the fear of contracting the virus to quarantine, to the economic hit that affected the world, it is understandable that one may tend to lose control, from time to time, over the frustration and stress of this deadly pandemic.

Adams is not the only celebrity who has been feeling the brunt of this pandemic. Many Celebrities have been giving fans an open and honest look into their quarantine lives. Thanks to social media, stars have been checking in with their followers on a daily basis sharing how they are coping with their lives as we maneuver through a drastically changed landscape.

That being said, it also gives many social media followers an opportunity to really bash some stars during this time.

Celebrities blow off steam during the pandemic

Recently "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" reality star and billionaire Kylie Jenner took a big hit after sharing photos of her days in quarantine. Kylie, most recently, took a few hits after sharing several photos revealing her glammed appearance and expensive clothes.

Jenner was trashed by commenters asking if all she had to do during the day was get her make-up done, change clothes, and post photos - to which she answered in the affirmative.

Justin Timberlake was also hit hard after making a comment that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when he seemingly complained about 24-hour parenting calling it "not human." It has not been the best year for Justin, considering his cheating scandal with his parenting comments adding fuel to the fire.

Kim Kardashian West was also slammed by her own daughter, North West, after the reality star was attempting to post a video on Instagram and was interrupted by her daughter several times, before becoming agitated, and asking her daughter for 5-minutes alone.

Noth then overheard her famous mom telling social media that she was trying to hide out from her children because they will not 'leave her alone.' North West snapped back "hey that's mean." It happens to us all, celebrity or not. At times, everyone needs to blow off a little steam these days, however, it may be best to turn off the phones before letting loose on social media if you want to avoid a Bryan Adams' sized public bashing and apology.