Lady Gaga is an unforgettable presence, no matter where she is. Whether the iconic performer is luring every camera lens at the Met Gala, debuting another of her vibrant, unforgettable statements in haute couture, or conjuring her latest songs, like “Stupid Love,” Lady Gaga makes a statement.

As a performer, Stefani Germanotta has resisted defining herself in a single category. There is a reason why the Lady Gaga Las Vegas residency show is titled “Enigma.” Not only does the show revisit her rousing beat-driven hits spanning the millennium, but it also showcases her softer, soulful dimensions and pure vocal talent with the interspersed shows of “Jazz & Piano.” She also proved to be an indelible force on the big screen, garnering numerous awards and an Oscar nomination for her performance in “A Star Is Born” in 2019.

The world of entomology, however, has not been a forum for the gifted artist until reports from today, March 12, via News 18/MSN News, and other outlets describe a very distinctive and lovely new member of the insect kingdom-- one deserving to share a name with Lady Gaga herself.

This treehopper has a lot in common with Lady Gaga

The newly-named insect find has been dubbed Kaikaia gaga to honor the superstar, and CNN took the liberty of juxtaposing a closeup photo of the selected insect next to Lady Gaga in pink with wide-eyed golden touches around her eyelashes. Both ladies have unforgettable eyes and certainly go for splashes of color. The treehopper grabs hues of reds, orange, and rich brown and the eyes are a standout.

Adding to the flourish, some sturdy but delicately-designed wings complete Kaikaia gaga’s horned and exquisitely natural ensemble. In her latest video, already nearing 39 million views, Lady Gaga dons shades of pink, posing in powerful metallics and a lacy bikini to her refrain that “all I ever wanted was love.”

The new insect is already entered in Zootaxa, a professional journal that focuses on animal taxonomy, and with a certain new name appreciation, a lot more love for the bug is sure to be on the way.

Brendan Morris is the graduate student in entomology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who studied and named the new creature. He advocates that affection is long overdue for the new gaga.

“If there's going to be a Lady Gaga bug, it's going to be a treehopper, because they've got these crazy horns and they have this wacky fashion sense about them,” Morris confirms.

In a news release, the student praised that “they’re unlike anything you've seen before” much like the namesake.

Lady Gaga is a lover of humans and animals

Lady Gaga sings about the universal human needs for love and acceptance from primordial time in songs such as “Come To Mama” from her seminal album, “Joanne.” There is no reason to imagine that the superstar wouldn't be flattered by the comparison to a very striking insect.

The star shares personal and special moments with many of her fans at events for her BornThisWay Foundation and concert events. Her mother elaborated on her daughter's “higher purpose” in a “Today” profile.

In the spring of 2019, Lady Gaga mourned the loss of her beloved horse, Arabella, even more than she lavished any adoration on her Critics’ Choice awards.

Perhaps the ultimate fashionista will pay her own tribute to her new namesake, known to be a harbinger of good health to her Nicaraguan forest habitat.

Color and spirit fill the calendar for Lady Gaga

Brendan Morris maintains that the more we humans know about species, the more we care about saving it. That's another reason he chose to name Kaikaia gaga as he did. Now, the other treehopper species will draw more attention. He admits that “basically everything” remains to be learned about the DNA imprint of his new find.

Colors are also part of scientific study, and Lady Gaga's new album, “Chromatica,” is slated for release on April 10. There may be an extension of her “Enigma” residency through 2021, and her initiatives for kindness and mental health are constantly a focus of her schedule.

This artist is unique among Celebrities or stars on TV Shows-- she's not known for endorsements. She has yet to comment on her new namesake, but if a bug can ever be truly loved, Lady Gaga can do it.