The coronavirus continues to shake up the entertainment industry again, with Disney being forced to drop "Mulan," "The New Mutants," and "Antlers," from their release schedule. "Mulan," was set to be released on March 27th, "New Mutants," on April 3rd and "Antlers," on April 17th. Disney has not named a new release date, but it's likely they will be released later in 2020.

Deadline was first to report the surprise decision by Disney. Deadline says that the rescheduling will be on a global basis, which makes sense since Disney already pulled the Chinese release of "Mulan." With the world premiere this week, it appears that the decision to push back the release was a difficult one for Disney, and no it doubt cost a lot for what is already a massive marketing campaign.

'Mulan' pulled over potential financial losses

"The New Mutants," faces another delay, which is not a surprise for many," adding to a long list of problems the movie had: the last in the Fox X-Men universe. This time, the decision to push back the film, does not to do with concerns of "New Mutants," quality. The latest trailers show that we have plenty to look forward to. "New Mutants," has been plagued with production problems, as rumors suggested it would go straight to Hulu.

Those needing a superhero fix may have to face the reality of a "Black Widow," delay, although it may manage to be far enough to keep with its original plan. Fans are shocked to see that Disney moved "Mulan" at the last minute.

Nobody thought that rescheduling was a possibility for the beloved movie. With audiences scaling back over health concerns, and massive budgets of these Movies, the bigger the loss these studios would face if they continued on course.

Hollywood keeps pushing back some of the biggest films of the season

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Disney is looking at a release date for later in the year.

They understand that the spring and summer movie season is set to take a massive hit as a long list of films continue to be pushed back including "No Time to Die." [VIDEO]The biggest shock was pushing "F9" back a whole year.

The coronavirus fears continue to build across the globe, with large outbreaks in China, South Korea, and Iran.

Diagnosed cases have reached over 1,000 in the United States, CNN reports. 44 states out of 50 have reported cases. "Mulan" becomes the latest studio release to be pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Universal has delayed the upcoming "Fast & Furious" film and Paramount delayed "The Lovebirds," and "A Quiet Place Part II." Fans are now left waiting to hear what the next round of films to be delayed are, it's going to be a slim release slate over the next few months.