The coronavirus outbreak that officially reached the pandemic level this week has taken the hopes of spring shows for music fans hostage. Announcements yesterday, March 12, from KTLA and numerous other outlets confirmed that Live Nation Entertainment and AEG Presents have suspended all touring activities due to predicted surges of the coronavirus worldwide and related concerns.

Countless music lovers long for the thaw from the frigid temperatures of winter and celebrate by booking early tickets to spring and summer concert events with favorite artists.

Basketball devotees are already devastated that the delight of developing yearly brackets of college contenders for March Madness is dashed. The delay in the spring start of training for major league baseball, NHL playoff events, the Boston Marathon, and more cancellations also came because of the coronavirus concerns. Adding to the mounting sports casualties, this morning, March 13, word came that Augusta National is postponing the 2020 Masters Tournament due to coronavirus worries. Now, the music world is feeling the same impact from the virulent enemy that is delivering a whammy across the globe.

Big-name acts take a spring blow from the coronavirus

After witnessing the mounting death tolls since the start of the coronavirus onslaught, it is simple to concur with the overabundance of caution in any live-event industry.

Live Nation Entertainment and AEG Presents dominate the concert industry with the size and scope of their impact and artist clientele.

Besides the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio and hundreds of sports arena events, both promotion giants agreed to halt events from this weekend through at least the end of March.

“This is something none of us have ever seen,” a concert industry executive related. He continued that the coronavirus is “not Ebola, not SARS… It's just a mess.” The outbreak is made more menacing by the predictions that the peak in predicted cases is days or possibly weeks away, and no one is fully prepared for that force of illness.

Gone are the days when artists could rely on sales of CDs and the boost of award acclaim. Billie Eilish swept the 2020 Grammy Awards with her deeply introspective and starkly honest songs, but she is just one of the artists put on hold and earning much less without drawing her fans to shows. Country Music road warrior, Jason Aldean, and the Zac Brown Band are also on the waiting list, as well as Maren Morris, Kiss, Cher, and the currently hot run by Latin lords Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias as dual headliners. Chris Stapleton is also waiting to board the bus as it idles.

Coronavirus delays don't mean that concert dreams are over

Music is one of the dearest healers for the troubled soul, and faithful fans can still listen to their favorite artists as they swab foreheads, disinfect every knickknack, and cough into elbows.

As USA Today noted in a March 12 feature, Live Nation Entertainment affirmed in a company statement that “We feel fortunate to have the flexibility to reschedule concerts, festivals and live events as needed.” The statement reiterated that the promotion associates “look forward to connecting fans with all their favorite artists and live events soon.”

Days can seem like months under cabin fever, but music eases the pain as faithful fans look through concert memorabilia from days gone by. In this case, doing the right thing brought diversions and delays that no one saw coming. Doing something nice for the janitor or the snack bar worker who has no money coming in is a great way to show appreciation.

Rita Wilson rallies fan support for healing songs from coronavirus

The coronavirus—COVID-19-- is certainly proving to be no respecter of persons. Beyond the members of Congress guilty of dubious handshakes and contacts, and most recently, Sophie Trudeau testing positive for the highly contagious virus, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, was the first prominent couple to announce contracting COVID-19 while in Australia. Colin Hanks has willingly given updates on the upbeat spirits and health of his dad and stepmom.

Rita Wilson is recognized as a singer-songwriter in her own right, and she knows the power of pulling together through any tough times. One of the songs she's most beloved for is “Throw Me a Party,” about making the final farewell a true celebration of life.

Right now, Rita Wilson and her husband are anything but ready to bid adieu, but they are enduring quarantine from shared coronavirus.

Wilson put out a request on social media for followers to send favorite songs to play in times of isolation, as reported by People. Altogether, Rita collected 28 entries for her “Quarantunes” list. The selections include Eric Carmen's “All by Myself,” Kelly Clarkson's “Stronger,” and of course, Gloria Gaynor's classic, “I Will Survive.” James Taylor's “Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight,” rounds out the playlist.

Music has always been a force for healing, and whether fostering wellness from the coronavirus, the financial fall, or just a common cold, good tunes always do the trick.