Lady Gaga expresses the many aspects of love in profound ways through her music. Whether confronting the truth of an inevitable breakup, striving to make “the worst seem better” in “A Million Reasons,” or echoing the eternity of love of family bonds in “Joanne,” the title song from her 2016 album, Lady Gaga knows the power of love.

Anyone not living under a rock this week heard the news that new song from Lady Gaga was “out there” for a listen in cyberland, as reported by Vulture on January 22, and further confirmed by Harper's Bazaar. Like every tidbit from Mother Monster, Lady Gaga's legions of fans lapped up every smidge of the track.

As much as Stefani Germanotta lives to give of herself to her fans from the stage to her very personal crusades for mental health, kindness, and reaching out to victims of sexual assault, the caring superstar swiftly cooled down the rabid enthusiasm for the early sonic secret.

Too much love for 'stupid' new Lady Gaga song

Every artist longs to be understood and to cultivate a following of kindred spirits who connect not simply to the music, but to the soul of the person who crafted the words and notes. Since she was 14, Lady Gaga pulled herself up through the rungs of the New York club scene, seeking her audience that sensed her truth and vulnerability beyond the spectacle.

No one utilizes her global business or creative platform for more positive change than Lady Gaga.

Even with no broadcast promotion, her products, such as her eye shadow palette, sell out of online inventory, which happened this past Christmas season on Amazon. At every podium appearance, the performer, songwriter, and actress pleads for understanding, assistance, and awareness for people silently in need. She also inspires the courage to reveal personal sieges as the first step to true freedom.

A song is the most personal possession to any composer, and the early refrains of “Stupid Love” indicated a poppy, upbeat, electronic-influenced tune, with Gaga’s big vocals in the forefront. Speculation instantly started about the song possibly being the first single from the sixth album from Lady Gaga, even though one fan insisted that the song had been in the works since last October.

The moment of creation didn't seem to matter, fans went stupid-wild over the snippet of “Stupid Love.”

Sometimes it takes patience to be a Lady Gaga fan

Come To Mama” is another anthem of acceptance from Lady Gaga’s catalog of compassionate songs. Its chorus of “Come to mama/Tell me who hurt ya/There's gonna be no future/If we don't figure this out” reverberates with the truth of the global plight to youthful personal memories, still, assuring that care and human compassion are potent cures.

Part of being a good parent, however, is also being firm when necessary. Not only were the viral posts of the song preview taken down in a heartbeat, but Lady Gaga used very few words and a nondescript photo of someone looking like a house burglar with his phone and headphones to convey her message.

“Can y’all stop” was all she wrote.

Honest words will always matter to Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga will always know how much her songs matter, even when they get snagged in inappropriate ways. No one will ever know now if “Stupid Love” was destined to be the debut song from her sixth album or not, because she always has more songs to share up her sleeve, and she is likely to want to surprise her loyal fans.

Gaga didn't spare brutal honesty, or beautiful vulnerability, with Oprah during her 2020 Vision Tour kickoff. With more openness than ever, the superstar credited not only the variety of therapies, such as DBT and cognitive techniques but spoke candidly about the numerous drugs that keep her healthy and “on board.”

The songs that endure come deeply from the heart and this prolific artist reiterated how shame has no place in her own journey of the heart.

She spoke of learning “radical acceptance” and gave gratitude to Oprah and her audience. “I take my shame and put it in a box, and make it very, very small and put it way over there,” Lady Gaga described.

When Lady Gaga is ready to share new songs with the world, they will be part of her continuing purpose “to take all my life experiences and share them with the world and make it a better place.” That mission is one that every person can accomplish.