Lady Gaga is making news more than ever this week, even from the indelible memories of her 2017 Super Bowl LI performance. Her memorable appearance pulled America together and still put its stamp of energy and Gaga persona forever in America's football annals. Reports are swirling that Lady Gaga is about to make major announcements regarding coming projects, but for the superstar’s mom, Cynthia Germanotta, the greatest project of her life remains in parenting her daughters.

Sheinelle Jones of “Today” engaged Gaga's mother in an intimate and very candid conversation, shared via Billboard and Harper's Bazaar on January 29.

Lady Gaga's mother recognized an evolving persona in her dynamically creative daughter very early on growing up. She insists that both Stefani and younger sister Natali, adopted causes with great passion at very early stages of life.

Despite the unwavering support of her parents and a home environment which fostered freedom of expression, for Lady Gaga and her sister, middle school brought a siege of brutal emotional bullying and isolation for the burgeoning performer. A growing sense of isolation led to depression. Lady Gaga embraces how life’s pain can germinate its greater purpose better than any other artist. Cynthia Germanotta reflects that her own and her daughter’s deepest purpose are made real by the lives touched through their Born This Way Foundation.

Her parents created a home of love and freedom for Lady Gaga and her sister

Natali, now an esteemed designer and producer, often involved in her big sister’s projects, credits that her parents “gave us the freedom to be ourselves,” and mom Cynthia agrees. She echoes that “the earlier you do that, you’re empowering them to have a sense of confidence and [knowing] they can accomplish anything.”

Like millions of working moms, Cynthia Germanotta felt a tremendous weight of “mom guilt,” but it was a very little Lady Gaga at age six or seven who touched her mother one morning as she was getting ready for work.

“I'm proud of you. You help our family-- you do all this and get us ready for school.” The simple observation is even more touching in light of her daughter’s experiences only a few years later.

Middle school was melancholy for Lady Gaga

“You give good mom hugs,” Sheinelle Jones assured mama Germanotta as she entered the family restaurant, Joanne Trattoria in New York.

As nurturing as Cynthia and her husband, Joe, were in every regard to their daughters, mom relates “we didn't know everything,” about how Stefani was feeling by her middle school years. She related in the Billboard feature that “where I made mistakes was I didn't really know the warning signs to look for,” perhaps attributing the changes in her youthful daughter’s countenance to normal teen moodiness.

Lady Gaga has shared torturous memories of literally being picked up and thrown into a public trash can as examples of the taunting and humiliation of those already difficult years. Even within her loving and open home, mom surmises that her teenage daughter was “too ashamed or embarrassed” to describe feeling isolated and uninvited by her peers.

Loving and listening take high priority for Lady Gaga and her mom

During a behind the scenes tour, the family creativity and caring are on display in many ways. A chalkboard displays the message: “Love yourself and your set,” while a photograph of Lady Gaga giving a young fan a heartfelt, genuine hug cannot be overlooked. The sighting was another “Today” lift in the morning TV Shows. “Her story really connected with Stefani” Cynthia recalls, noting that “she didn't even really know her,” referring to the young woman, but clearly their hearts spoke volumes.

Lady Gaga poured out her heart and even her daily regimen of therapies and treatments with an audience on Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour. In every worldwide platform taken by the superstar, her messages of affirmation, acceptance, and kindness resonate, and it's no wonder she is such a good listener.

“She envisioned a world where young people would be better equipped to handle struggles,” Germanotta declares.

As president of the Born This Way Foundation, Cynthia says her most valuable and enjoyable moments are spent listening to young people at open events, and the needs they share are pivotal in informing projects and funding. Lady Gaga has been outspoken on declaring that mental health treatment and physicians should be accessible to all segments of the population, regardless of income.

Lady Gaga will always have her indelible persona, music, and heart, but her outreach in mental health, kindness, and caring are “really her purpose." Mom is never surprised by the talent, the wardrobe, or the dedication in her daughter's craft. Together, the two are destined to keep their cause in compassion as a lifetime calling.