"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers tease that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) are about to do something that will hurt Katie Logan (Heather Tom) in a way she never imagined. A few years ago, Bill and Brooke swore to Katie they would never betray her again, yet here they are again.

Longtime B&B watchers will remember that Bill and Brooke had an affair, one that ended Katie's marriage twice in the past. Bill swore to Katie he was a changed man and that he wanted a life with her and their son. Currently, Katie and Bill have not remarried and it is looking like they might not make it to the altar again.

This time, it was a moment of passion and took them both by surprise. Bill vows to protect Brooke from all who want to wrong her and he suddenly plants a kiss on her lips. It is about to get complicated as Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) considers blowing the whistle on his dad's obsession with Brooke, vowing to protect Katie from getting hurt by their affair again!

Brooke and Bill revisit their past

While Brooke is currently married to Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Bill is living with her sister Katie and enjoying family life, they still can't fight their growing attraction for each other. According to Soap Central, Brooke will turn to Bill after having a heated argument with her husband over Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

She needed someone to vent too and give her some advice.

B&B spoilers state that Brooke expected Bill to bad-mouth Ridge, but she didn't expect him to kiss her. But that is exactly what happens. As she is ranting about Ridge protecting Thomas [again], Bill leans in and kisses her. Then one kiss turns into many kisses until they finally break apart.

They both realize they just made a mistake. They decide that this was a one-time thing, and declare they cannot let this ever happen again. Brooke vows that she loves her husband and she wants her marriage to work, stating what she had with Bill is in the past.

Bill daydreams about Brooke

Brooke leaves Bill's office to return to Forrester Creations and he begins to daydream about how different his life could be with the blonde bombshell by his side.

Bold and the Beautiful's official Twitter page shares that Wyatt stops by his dad's office for a visit and interrupts his fantasy."Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers say that Bill rants about Thomas' treatment of Brooke and how Ridge is not putting precious Brooke first. He begins to bad-mouth Ridge when Wyatt stops his dad. A confused Wyatt asks his dad why he's suddenly obsessed with Brooke again.

"Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers state that Bill could come clean about their passionate kiss and admitting he can't get her out of his head now. He wants to know how Katie would feel about his newfound dedication to her sister. Of course, Bill refuses to answer the question. It's clear Katie's feelings on this situation is weighing heavy on Bill.

Wyatt considers exposing Bill's secret

During May sweeps, Katie will learn the truth. By the time she learns about the kiss, Bill and Brooke, dubbed by fans 'Brill,' may have hit the sheets and have more to add to their painful confession. It is looking like the whistleblower will be Wyatt, as Katie's ex-beau he wants to protect her. However, there is no way to protect her from getting hurt and there will be no easy way for her to learn Bill's cheating with her sister again.

There is no way this will end well. Brooke and Bill's kiss will be exposed and when it comes out, Katie will be heartbroken. Keep watching "Bold and the Beautiful" to find out what happens next weekdays on CBS Daytime!