"Bold and Beautiful" rumors tease that Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) and Eric Forrester (John McCook) could face tough times over her decision to expose Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill Spencer's (Don Diamont) kiss. She feels like she is justified in doing so, and Eric adamantly disagrees. It seems to be pointing to a separation or give Brooke an opening to lure Eric from Quinn's clutches.

Quinn and Eric have a great relationship. She has a checkered past and he loves her anyway. He is the man behind the successful Forrester Creations.

It's a match that most thought would fail, but so far, they have worked past all their issues and they have real love between them.

However, "Bold and Beautiful" fans think this scheme could cost her marriage, and Eric plans to stick up for his ex-wife and daughter-in-law, Brooke.

Eric will struggle to forgive Quinn on 'Bold and Beautiful'

The one thing that many viewers do agree on is that Eric will grapple with the idea of forgiving Quinn for going out of her way to sabotage Brooke and Ridge's reunion. For reasons most viewers don't understand, Eric has a deep respect for Brooke and he will do his best to protect her.

According to Celebrating the Soaps, Eric will weigh his options and he could consider filing for divorce.

As the B&B fans know, Eric is a forgiving man but Quinn could have pushed him to his limit.

The part that is making it difficult for Eric to forgive his wife is her unwillingness to apologize for posting the video to expose Bill and Brooke's kiss. "Bold and Beautiful" showed that she doesn't see why she should apologize. She sees her actions as courageous and she should be praised for exposing the "evil Brooke." Eric, however, sees her actions as cruel, vile, and downright disgusting.

Quinn and Shauna's Vegas time will only make things worse

"Bold and Beautiful" spoilers tease that Quinn will decide to check in with her best friend, Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) in Las Vegas.

The "Bold and Beautiful" episode showed that Shauna left Los Angeles to gain some perspective after her feelings for Ridge became a problem. She loves him and she cannot stand to see him trying to make his marriage work with cheating Brooke.

Ridge missed her too, as he went to see her in Vegas. As previously reported on Blasting News, they had some drunken fun, only for him to wake up and not remember anything. Shauna decided to keep the night details to herself and sent him on his way back home.

Quinn then pops up and the two schemers developed a plan. No one knows what the plan is as the network isn't producing any new episodes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing we do know, Quinn and Shauna could be cooking up trouble for Brooke.

Ridge and Shauna could become the next big couple

According to Daily Soap Dish, Ridge could be looking for a change and he may see Shauna as the perfect vehicle to do that. As the "Bold and Beautiful" actor, Thorsten Kaye explained, the character of Shauna is a breath of fresh air.

So, if Ridge and Shauna become a couple, and Quinn still refuses to apologize-what would that mean for Quinn and Eric? Well, that could spell trouble as Eric has strong feelings for Brooke. Quinn might be faced with the decision, either apologize for releasing the video and exposing the kiss or lose Eric. The question is, will she risk Eric to "stick it to" Brooke?

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