"young and restless" star Jason Thompson, the actor who plays the iconic character, Billy Abbott, revealed that he wouldn't want to be the CBS and Sony executives' shoes as they weigh in and decide when to start filming new episodes of "Y&R" and "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Jason Thompson is stuck in Los Angeles with his family

According to Soap Central, the actor shared that he was planning to go on a vacation with his family to Mexico when the COVID-19 pandemic put a wrench in his traveling plans. That's when he learned that "Y&R" would "go dark" for a minimum of two weeks until the network understood how to keep the actors and crew safe from spreading the virus.

CBS told the actor they would keep the cast and crew in the loop so they would know when they could expect to return to work. He applauded the network for constantly keeping him informed on the situation on Y&R's return.

For now, Thompson is being sheltered in place with his wife and two children in Los Angeles. The "Young and Restless" actor cannot wait to go back home to Canada to see his friends and family, but he understands he needs to stay put until it's safe to travel again.

Jason co-owns several bars he owns in Canada and he says his partners are using this downtime to handle some of the upkeep. They are redoing the bathrooms, floors, and repainting.

Sony and CBS have a big decision to make

At the time of this article, there is no update on when the cast will return to the studio to tape new episodes.

For now, it's up to Sony and CBS. They have to consider all the people involved in the decision.

They have many shows - both daytime and primetime- each with their own cast and crew. There are many people that will be affected by their decision so he understands the network being extra cautious.

Thompson shared that he gets an email or call from "Young and Restless" about once a week with an update on the estimated date for the cast and crew to return to work.

He went on to say the network is waiting for it to be safe for the actors to interact with each other on the set without social distancing.

Billy Abbott's future on 'Young And Restless' is uncertain

With the show not filming any new episodes, spoilers are hard to come by. However, there is one piece of info that the "Young and Restless" fans have been speculating about for the past week or two.

Soap Dirt claims that there is some chatter that Billy Abbott's time on Y&R could be running out. They claim that a set insider spilled that he could be one of the characters that will be omitted from the show- all thanks to Josh Griffith's new regime changes.

There is no official word on if this is true or not, as CBS has a policy to never comment on cast changes.

One thing the insider did say is that the writing team is happy with how Griffith has transformed Phyllis Abbott (Michelle Stafford).

And, he was under pressure to make Phyllis the Y&R star again. Since they wooed Stafford from "General Hospital" to return to the role of Phyllis, it is a relief that CBS believes it was worth the hefty price they had to offer the actress.

Right now, it wouldn't be hard for the show to write Billy off the show. They have him in a downward spiral and backed into a corner. It would be harder to bring him back into the fold, which seems to be why many of the seasoned Y&R viewers are in panic mode over Billy Abbott's future.

There is still some talk that since Billy Miller off "General Hospital" that he could step back into the role of Billy Abbott.

However, the actor has denied the report several times, so it is looking more and more like that is not in the cards.

When do you think CBS will bring the cast and crew back to work? Don't forget to come back for more "Young and Restless" spoilers, news, and casting updates!