Longtime viewers, of "The Bold and the Beautiful," have watched Brooke and Taylor battle over Ridge and their children for decades. The rumor mill now suggests that Shauna may become a bigger threat than Ms. Hayes ever was. Ms. Fulton has set her sights on Ridge Forrester and when his wife kicks him out, he will fall prey to the blonde bombshell. Brooke is in reactionary mode and is off her game because of Katie's declining condition. Shauna, on the other hand, is strategically planning every move and is willing to sacrifice her daughter's kidney to have things go her way.

Ridge will become like putty in her hands once she turns on the charm and falls victim to her schemes.

Brooke pushes Ridge into Shauna's arms

Celebrating The Soaps says that Brooke's volatile attitude towards her stepson will play right into his hands on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Last week Vincent told Thomas about Ridge spending the night with Flo's mom. The heir apparent to Forrester Creations boldly sought out Ms. Fulton and told her he wanted her to go after his father. Thomas hates his stepmother and desires to get back at all the Logans. Now, he has opened a door for Shauna to stick it to Brooke and, ultimately, end up with Ridge.

Brooke has been incredibly angry and did not back down from wanting Thomas out of her house.

She even told Ridge that his son was not a good father and said Douglas should remain with Hope and Liam. She had also expressed this sentiment to her stepson, which is what pushed him over the edge. Brooke saw through Shauna right away and knew she had designs on her spouse. Once Ridge is kicked out, Soap Opera Spy says he will go straight into Ms.

Fulton's waiting arms. "B&B" spoilers had suggested that Taylor would return and spar with her nemesis because of Thomas, but it's Shauna who will be pushing all the buttons.

Shauna uses Flo to gain access to the Logans

Shauna has already laid the groundwork to get Ridge to see her in a different light. The night he was drunk she told him that she would be there for him, even if his wife was not.

Brooke has refused to give Thomas a break and now he and Shauna are plotting her downfall. The "B&B" rumor mill suggests that Shauna will push Flo into donating a kidney to her aunt Katie. Brooke will be thankful that her niece can save her sister's life, but she will never welcome the Fulton women back into the family.

Brooke's attitude is going to make her look petty, while Shauna and Flo will come off as heroes. Once Katie recovers from the transplant, she and Donna may have a slightly different attitude towards Flo and her mother. If Brooke does not back down, Ridge will be disgusted by her hateful attitude. Be sure to watch out for updated spoiler alerts and rumors related to this storyline. It's looking like Shauna will be a nightmare for Brooke that Taylor never was. Continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.