Amanda Bynes is pregnant with her first baby. The former Nickelodeon star and fiance Paul Michael announced their happy news to Amanda's Instagram followers on Tuesday. According to E! Amanda and Paul posted an ultrasound photo confirming the news that Amanda is expecting.

The happy couple captioned the photo "Baby in the making", and "Baby on board." A source close to Amanda Bynes confirmed the news to E! revealing that it is very early in the pregnancy for Amanda and that her parents have also been notified about the blessed event. This has been a very eventful few weeks for Bynes.

Oddly enough, the ultrasound photo has now been removed from both Paul Michaels and Amanda's Instagram accounts.

Amanda Bynes announces her pregnancy on social media

As previously reported by Blasting News, Amanda Bynes reappeared on social media after a long hiatus revealing that she had found the "love of her life" and that she was engaged. Amanda reportedly met her current fiance Paul while in rehab and had only known him about two months before becoming engaged.

Over the course of the past few weeks, Bynes has also exhibited some questionable behavior on social media. She recently posted about her obsession with the singer Drake again, leading many of her followers to begin questioning Bynes' mental health.

Fans will remember that during Bynes' very public downfall back in 2013. The actress made some alarming and explicit social media posts about the singer Drake.

Instagram questions Amanda Bynes' mental health

Amanda has also been experiencing some difficulties with her parents concerning her conservatorship.

The "She's the Man" star feels that she is now in a place in her life where she is ready to handle her own life, make her own decisions and take charge of her own finances. However, Amanda's mom Lynn Bynes is in charge of her daughter's conservatorship and thinks differently.

Lynn claims that she feels Amanda needs to remain in a "controlled environment." She also reveals that her daughter is not ready to marry, and plans on putting a stop to her wedding plans, Considering Lynn is in charge she has the power to do so.

This could be the reason behind Amanda and Paul's recent but short-lived split.

Lynn Bynes feels Amanda need to remain in a controlled environment

The couple has happily reunited and is now happily preparing for their first child together. Despite reports from E! that Amanda' Bynes' parents have been informed about the pregnancy, one has to wonder just what Lynn Bynes feels about this news. At this time, not too many details are known other than Amanda Bynes is pregnant, but we are sure she will be sharing all the details on her social media account very soon.

However, Amanda Bynes' mom, Lynn Bynes, feels differently. Lynn claims that Amanda needs to remain in a "controlled environment." Lynn also reveals she plans to fight Amanda every step of the way. As previously reported by Blasting News, Amanda recently resurfaced on social media to reveal some major changes in her life.