Amanda Bynes has been a busy woman this week. The former Nickelodeon star, who usually remains out of the public eye, has been posting quite a bit, recently on social media, about her newfound love and fiance Paul Michael.

As previously reported, Amanda Bynes revealed, Friday, that she had become an engaged woman on this Valentine's Day. The actress took to Instagram to share a photo of only her hand sporting a huge diamond ring next to a mystery man's hand sporting a gold band.

Who is Paul Michael?

Bynes stated in the caption that she had found the "love of her life." Amanda's secret mystery man stayed unseen and unknown for less than 24 hours when Bynes resurfaced, once again, posting another photo captioned "Lover" this time revealing his name as Paul Michael and showing his face.

According to E! Online, Amanda Bynes met her husband to be while in rehab. The two met towards the end of 2019 and have known each other only two to three months before becoming engaged. Amanda has been frequenting the social media platform since last week when she appeared posting a selfie revealing a new nose piercing and small heart face tattoo on her cheek.

Amanda Bynes jumping too soon into a serious relationship

Those who follow Amanda Bynes news are well aware that Bynes has been very lowkey over the past couple of years. In the past, Amanda was making celebrity news headlines daily as the troubled child star spiraled out of control dealing with both substance abuse issues and bipolar disease.

The 33-year-old Bynes has opted to leave show business, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and recently completed another rehab treatment stent. Hopefully gone are the days of arrests, DUIs, and 5151 holds for Bynes as she continues to keep her life on the right track.

What's next for Amanda Bynes

Amanda claims she is clean and sober and plans to stay that way. According to E! Amanda is currently living with her mom Lynn and father Rick Bynes until she finds her own home in Los Angeles. It is not known at this time when Amanda and Paul Michael plan to marry. All that is known is that the two met while in rehab and became instant friends.

If you're familiar with what is typically taught in rehab you'll understand that serious relationships are not recommended for the first year or so after getting sober. This could leave many very skeptical of Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael's rush into such a serious commitment.

Hopefully, the two have a long and happy engagement and take some much needed time to completely heal within their recovery and get to really know each other before rushing into marriage. However, this is Amanda Bynes we are speaking of and fans know that once the actress gets something in her head to do she goes full speed in order to obtain it.