Amanda Bynes is going to be in for a nasty courtroom fight against her parents when it comes to her conservatorship. Amanda feels that she is now in a place in her life where she is able to control her own choices and money according to MSN.

However, Amanda Bynes' mom, Lynn Bynes feels differently. Lynn claims that Amanda needs to remain in a "controlled environment." Lynn also reveals she plans to fight Amanda every step of the way. As previously reported by Blasting News Amanda recently resurfaced on social media to reveal some major changes in her life.

Amanda Bynes' parents untrusting of daughter's new fiance

According to E Online, Bynes told her social media followers that she is now engaged to the love of her life. That love's name is Paul Michael, who she recently met while undergoing her most recent rehab stint. The couple became engaged after just meeting two months prior.

It has also been revealed that Amanda's mom and dad are not allowing their daughter to marry Michael. Since Lynn is in charge of her daughter's conservatorship she has the power to prevent the marriage. This is also something that Amanda is very upset about.

Amanda Bynes wants control of her life

Amanda has yet to even introduce her parents to her new fiance, and they are dead set against her marrying at this time, especially marrying someone she barely knows and they have never met.

Despite her parent's objections, Bynes claims she and Paul have both been sober for more than a year and are very much happy and in love.

Amanda told fans on Instagram that she plans on going back into court to ask the judge about changing up her conservatorship and to dispute some medical bills. Bynes claims she is unhappy about the treatment center she is going to is charging her $5,200 per month and feels as if she should be permitted to change to a treatment that charges less and is covered by her insurance.

Is Amanda Bynes rushing into too much too soon?

Bynes also thanked her fans for their support and for sticking by her through all of the craziness over the years. She also apologized for airing her personal business on the Internet, stating, "this is what life has come to." Over the years, Amanda Bynes has been battling drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues.

According to ' past problems also include multiple DUI arrests and 5150 psychiatric holds.

As of right now, Lynn Bynes has full control over her daughter's conservatorship until August of this year. She also plans to retain her position as conservator until at least then and longer if the judge so permits. It is obvious that Amanda Bynes' parents Lynn and Rick remain very concerned for their daughter and are just looking to protect her and keep her safe in every aspect of her life. Amanda feels as if her parents.

But, Amanda Bynes and fiance Paul Michael believe otherwise and are gearing up for an intense court battle against her parents. In the end, Amanda's conservatorship remains completely in the hands of the court.