Today” fans love to feast on the lively and open banter between the familiar co-hosts, and this morning, February 5, brought extra-special reasons to celebrate Al Roker, the weatherman who is always ready to share the forecast “in your neck of the woods.” “Today” co-anchor, Hoda Kotb, hasn't come down from the clouds since Monday, when Jenna Bush Hager surprised her with the news that Oprah, yes, Queen O herself, was coming to be a “Today” guest on the first Friday of the live studio audience broadcast of “Hoda & Jenna & Friends.”

A ‘Today’ platter made to order for Al Roker

This particular February 5 falls on National WeatherPerson's Day, and “Today” served up a platter meant to please Al Roker.

Mr. Roker launched into a tribute to John Jeffries, credited as one of America's first weather observers. Al Roker noted that he considers America's first weatherman to be Benjamin Franklin.

“We got you a gift,” Sheinelle Jones revealed. “We knew this would be something you liked.” No sooner had her words come out before a platter of bacon appeared in the shape of a bright sun, complete with Al Roker’s colorful “Today” eyewear crafted out of orange peels. “This is none of that turkey bacon,” Craig Melvin insisted. “That's not real bacon,” Roker assured. Melvin wasted no time in helping his mentor with the munching.

Al Roker is always quick to credit that he has no meteorological degree, only a “wonderful crack team” who keeps him abreast of major weather events.

He has been a big fan of Dylan Dreyer, the true “Today” meteorologist, and co-host, who is still on maternity leave after the birth of her second son, Oliver “Ollie” with hubby, Brian Fichera.

Al graciously turned to the “Today” weather team at Rockefeller Center. They were treated to cupcakes and compliments from the veteran broadcaster.

One among the crew, Don, has been with “Today” “since Willard [Scott] and now you.” He dutifully added the Roker tagline “Let's see what's happening in your neck of the woods,” before throwing back to the co-hosts.

Al Roker is never shy about sharing his opinions on “Today.” He was quite frank on his feelings about the Super Bowl LIV halftime show being a bit too much early in the week, but today he was all love.

Jenna Bush Hager had a personal touch to bring Oprah to ‘Today’

Jenna Bush Hager had to have had some private, off-camera moments with Oprah during their January interview. She may have shared that Hoda Kotb was the biggest fan of the female mogul and philanthropist on the planet, but she certainly didn't let any secrets out. Of all people, Jenna Bush Hager seems to be taking the most delight in Hoda’s giddy joy and wonder over hosting Oprah on Friday.

Hoda happened to see a feature, in the New York Post, which detailed some of the ways that Jenna Bush Hager enhanced her appeal to Oprah to visit as a “Today” guest, and especially, a guest of her and Hoda on the first week of their live shows.

“I did send her a handwritten note,” Jenna revealed, and fans know her gift for sincerity.

Hager also confessed that flowers were involved, and also a cushy wine offering for Lady O’s entire team. The clincher, however, may have been the pointers to the booking agent, or Jenna Bush Hager's homespun way of being real.

Whatever the magic was, Oprah will be greeting “Hoda & Jenna & Friends” on Friday.

Too much of a good thing on ‘Today’

The fan response to the launch of “Hoda & Jenna & Friends” has been overwhelming in the best way for Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager. Kotb revealed yesterday that there were 5000 on a waiting list for the fourth-hour “Today” segment this week. The host was adamant that no one would be turned away, and that “we're opening things up to make room for everyone.”

Of course, not every Friday will have Oprah, but Hoda gave Jenna some affirming words this morning.

“It makes your heart pound,” she reflected, thinking of the debut. “But no matter what, this is our show. It would be our show if we did it on top of a bus or on a mountain. It's our show.” This friendship and team already has a strong core, and things can only get better.

Fans and all of “Today” will be excited for Oprah Friday, but Thursday morning was pretty good, too.

EDITOR, PLEASE NOTE: The inserted clip features the full segment with Al Roker covered in the article. Thank you.