Dylan Dreyer spoke with foresight a few days ago on “Today.” The buoyant morning show meteorologist who tackles her busy days like a pro, even designating her holiday dishes on spreadsheets to ensure everyone at her table is full, declared that “I'm not ready for him to come early,” speaking like a forecaster. The co-host of “3rd Hour of Today” revealed a few weeks ago that her due date for the birth of her second son with her hubby, studio technician, Brian Fichera, had been moved to January 8.

Babies are famous for following their own timetable and making fibs out of modern calculation methods.

This morning, the “Today” family celebrated the news that Oliver George Fichera made his entrance into the world on Thursday, January 2, right on schedule during the time that his mommy and daddy would be busy in the studio.

This morning, January 3, Dylan Dreyer gave her “Today” colleagues an update while cuddling her new baby boy. It's no wonder that the words “so happy” and “blessed” were right on the tip of her tongue. She says that the wonder of her second son’s birth makes the family “complete.” As for the new son’s name, though, there's no family tradition.

Signs, but no significance

Dylan Dreyer was as bubbly as ever after giving birth just yesterday. She confessed that “I just got my drugs,” but her maternal euphoria was clearly from the joy of little Oliver George sleeping on her lap over anything chemically induced.

Sheinelle Jones spoke in a whisper, even though she was miles away.

Al Roker asked about the “significance” of the name for the newest Fichera child. “There was no significance behind Calvin (the name), and there's no significance behind Oliver.” The mom-again did describe that signs for the new baby's name seemed to be everywhere while she and Brian were at the races at Royal Ascot in June.

Even the shop where Brian Fichera had his formalwear fitted was Oliver Brown in London.

Much more significant for the family was their struggle with secondary infertility, which they shared last spring. Dylan was about to begin her IVF treatment regimen when the doctor called to say: “Don't take anything-- you're pregnant.” Dylan Dreyer shared her struggle at the same time that “Today's” Jenna Bush Hager revealed her pregnancy with her first son, Hal.

To see the ordeal come full circle with the arrival of Oliver gives hope to many families striving for parenthood after a first pregnancy. Dreyer underwent extensive procedures to remove scar tissue prior to conception. She credits the power of prayer along with the medical intervention for Oliver's arrival.

Craig Melvin accidentally let the name slip on one “Today” broadcast, but the brother, Calvin, has been calling his baby brother “Ov-i-ler” as he pronounces it, for many months now. Dylan related how Calvin had his shoes and coat already on and ready to go at 5 AM when she left for the hospital. The smile is all anyone sees in the family portrait. The smiles have only gotten broader for the whole family, and Dylan admits that “all I do is stare at him,” adding that he has “huge, kissable lips” to go along with a mane of “long blonde hair” which Calvin didn't have at birth.

“This is us, this is our family,” Dreyer exuberantly concluded near the end of the conversation.

Sheinelle Jones got a message from her daughter that was extremely expressive, regarding another kind of staring.

Unfair screen time

It's going to be a while before three-year-old Calvin and his baby brother get into any extreme squabbles. For Sheinelle Jones, however, her twin daughter and son are learning about fairness and negotiation at a young age, and how to take any concerns to the very top—mom.

Sheinelle explained this morning that she dedicated an old phone to the kids, putting games and kid-suitable content on it over the holidays. When she got ready for bed, she noticed a note carefully crafted from her daughter, Clara, concerning twin brother, Uche’s overuse of the device.

Clara’s command of language is superb, showing that communication is a high priority in this family.

Clara is kind to the environment, too. She only uses one side of a used piece of paper to put her thoughts down. She articulates that her brother “NEVER” shares the phone, and equally perturbing is his choice of “MINECRAFT, UGH!” Clara also added a postscript but ran out of paper. When the time came for an oral explanation, mama Jones gave a perfectly acceptable answer. “Work it out,” she advised.

She explained that she seldom intervenes in her children's issues, instead, guiding them to their own conflict resolution. She further elaborated that her twins “have their own language.”

Dylan Dreyer won’t have to use those tactics for a while, but when it comes to family matters, the “Today” family seems to have mad skills.