Veteran morning host and weatherman Al Roker is beloved for his special blend coffee and his bright outlook during both “Today” and the “3rd Hour of Today” morning show segments. The affection for the senior host is frequently shown from his co-anchors, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. Craig Melvin frequently praises Roker as his mentor on the “3rd Hour of Today.”

This morning of January 15 started off very smoothly for Al Roker and his colleagues-- they even got permission to lie down on the job. Mr. Roker and the crew got to sample the five best mattresses and he had no problem getting some rest.

Craig Melvin wouldn’t have minded staying all day for a snooze, but he had business to attend to at his other anchor job with MSNBC.

Al Roker's hour with “3rd Hour of Today” began with a beautiful bundle of joy, and everything ended on a playful note, as the co-hosts enjoyed a game of bowling and other ways to stay fit during the frosty months of winter. One topic that got Al Roker going was the subject of neckwear, and NBC's international correspondent, Keir Simmons, is still keeping it casual.

Al Roker beams with the baby

Al Roker could not have been any more joyful as he showed off photos of himself with his “3rd Hour of Today” co-host, Dylan Dreyer and her precious newborn, Oliver George, “Ollie,” with hubby, Brian Fichera.

Al absolutely could have been confused with any member of the immediate family as he beamed while holding the new little love nugget. No words were needed, only smiles, as Roker is seen relishing his time with “beautiful boy Oliver.”

Al Roker has been a big fan of Dylan since the meteorologist joined NBC in 2012.

He frequently credits her as “the real meteorologist,” while he is “the weatherman.” No one can fault Roker’s spot-on delivery of conditions “in your neck of the woods." Roker was Dylan's biggest fan in affirming her for “Today,” even while she was expecting her first son, Calvin. Dylan and her family are especially overjoyed with the arrival of Ollie after a very painful struggle with secondary infertility.

There's no one who doesn't like beautiful, baby pictures, but Al Roker may have created a distraction before getting into the discussion over debonair attire.

Did Al Roker cue Michael Jackson on purpose?

The morning banter is one of the best-loved aspects of “3rd Hour of Today,” when co-hosts all bring up aspects of their lives or pertinent issues. Al Roker certainly knows that interruptions from a personal phone are a big no-no during broadcast TV. This morning, however, it was Roker’s phone that sounded off with Michael Jackson singing.

“It must have started all by itself,” Al Roker insisted. Sheinelle Jones quickly jumped in, saying: “If that had been me, you'd be all ‘Ne-ne-ne’” motioning her hands in conversation.

The music may have been just a diversion before what became the hot topic of the morning-- wearing ties. Things never got heated between Al Roker and Keir Simmons, but the senior broadcaster certainly stood his ground.

Al Roker dismisses the casual look

Keir Simmons has had a dual purpose in filling in on “3rd Hour of Today” this week. First, his long-standing reputation during his time with ITV in London makes him the perfect person to report on all the royal family upheaval since Prince Harry and Meghan stepped back. Second, Simmons is a sparkling conversationalist, and his family devotion fits in perfectly with his fellow co-hosts while Dylan finishes her weeks of maternity leave.

For the second day this week, Simmons chose to wear a suit coat with no tie.

This morning, his choice of the dark blue shirt was quite attractive with the dark gray coat.

“Of course, I had to double down after yesterday,” Keir Simmons defended, and the fans were on his side. Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin ran through some of the comments on social media that were completely supportive of shedding the tie.

Simmons quipped that “my wife, Jessie, was really wonderful setting up all of those accounts.”

“The viewers don't agree with you,” Sheinelle Jones reminded Al Roker.

His response was predictable. “I don't care,” Al Roker responded, with complete calmness.

Going beyond British politeness, Simmons complimented Al Roker as “one of the nicest men behind or in front of the camera,” prompting a nod of thanks from the recipient.

Whether the affinity for the formal look is generational or just a matter of taste, both Al Roker and Keir Simmons are fully entitled to their own style, which they pull off with great success. Don't worry, Al, no one will be dismantling your tie rack anytime soon.