"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 cast [VIDEO] come out and criticize the way TLC either fakes their scenes or edits it to portray an untruth. Now, Emily Larina joins the growing list of people unhappy with that. So far, Michael Jessen slammed TLC for portraying him in a bad light. Then, Jasmin Lahtinen complained the show's fake. Annie and Robert's episode showed a scene with his former mother-in-law, Stephanie Woodcock. She also claimed a scene got scripted.

Emily saddened that fans don't know her real '90 Day Fiance' husband

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, February 5, Emily shared a long post lamenting that fans won't ever know the real person she married.

In her caption, she noted, that "for a while" she felt a bit unhappy because "the world didn’t get to meet the Sasha" that she knows. Next, she wrote a long list of the things he does that she loves about him. She said that Sasha always sees things in the stores and says how much he'd love to get them for his "father, son, brother, etc."

She feels that her "90 Day Fiance" man seldom holds many personal possessions as "he’s so giving." She mentioned his long metro rides after "split shifts" just to check on her. She added, "He’s the kind of man who will help others and expect nothing in return." After a few mentioning a few more of his endearing qualities, she decided she came to "terms with" what fans never saw.

Emily Larina ended by saying to Sasha, "I’ll keep the real you to myself." Fans spoke to her about the post, and she responded.

Emily says TLC has many scenes to choose from on the '90 Day Fiance' show

One fan reacted to the post, saying, "I think (I hope!) that most of us know the show is heavily edited for "dramatic" purposes and doesn't necessarily accurately reflect the day to day relationships." Emily replied, saying, "True!

They film hours and hours the good and the bad, and it’s up to them what they air." Other fans love them no matter what the show edited, left out, or chose to share. One fan said, "You two are a wonderful couple. Don’t think TLC fooled us."

Emily Larina's certainly not the only one unhappy about scenes shown by TLC in "90 Day Fiance." Blasting News reported that Robert's former mother-in-law, Stephanie Woodcock spoke put against the scene where she confronted Annie and offered to write her cheque to go away.

In fact, she later said she doesn't even own a checkbook, and the producers lent her one to use. Stephanie picked up a lot of criticism from the January episode. We noted that later, she told her social media followers "the producers...scripted the scene."

Michael Jessen slammed TLC over '90 Day Fiance' prenup scenes

Fans will recall how upset Juliana was when Michael Jessen asked her to sign a prenup agreement. His kids helped explain how it all worked. After that '90 Day Fiance' episode aired, Michael slammed TLC for their editing. Michael accused the producers "of manufacturing the scene." He felt they deliberately showed him in a bad light. In fact, he blamed both TLC and Sharp Productions for the way they misrepresented his personal character.

About a week ago, Jasmin complained that she and Blake also got misrepresented. In answer to a fan on her Instagram, she said, "Fake tv show.” In fact, Tania Maduro also blamed editing at one stage. Mind you, fans hate on her so much, there's little sympathy for her.

Now Emily Larina joined the growing list of cast members unhappy with the way TLC edits the show. What do you think? Do you think it's okay to edit for drama and ratings, or not?

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