"90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" Season 4 premieres on February 23 on TLC. One of the upcoming stars features a controversial character named Geoffrey Paschel. Facing charges of alleged domestic abuse, he's due in court in March according to Fox News. Daily Mail explained that an ex-girlfriend claimed that he allegedly got involved in "kidnapping... assault,...and vandalism," in June last year. Although technically innocent at this time, nevertheless fans of TLC already troll on him. One of his followers called out a TLC fan for mentioning his charges on a tribute post to his dead young son.

Geoffrey stars with Varya on '90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days'

In the preview for season four of the show, fans see Geoffrey meet his new girl, Varya. As reported, they met via a dating site online. He goes across to Russia to meet her but faces family issues as there's some suspicion as to whether he's capable of providing for her. Despite the pending charges, it looks like TLC didn't remove him from the show. That's despite outlets like Starcasm's investigative editor running stories of earlier convictions in his life.

Geoffrey's already getting followers on his Instagram, including other verified cast members and a variety of bloggers. His profile leads to a link tree, which takes his followers to a YouTube Channel.

There, he's got up a few posts, none of them about "90 Day Fiance." But, with followers of the show keen to find out more, he's getting a few people watching and already picks up trolls. One post titled "How to Manage The Loss Of A Child" shows him at his son's graveside. That's not his only post about his deceased son. On Instagram, he shared more details.

His son would have been three years old in February but he only lived for 13 months.

Troll calls Geoffrey out in the comments of his dead son's video

The difficulty Geoffrey experienced making his video included a random stray dog that just wanted to lick his face. But he struggled through and got his message across to viewers of his video.

Although a month old now, on Wednesday this week, someone arrived on his video and left a comment. They wrote, "wife beater." Obviously that person read somewhere that the "90 Day Fiance" star faces those charges in court.

Prior to that comment, other people thanked him for sharing his story with them. In response to that troll-like comment, anther person replied. They said to the troller, "Totally agree that he should be called out on that. However, this isn’t the place to do this. At least go to another one of his videos." And, yes there are other less sensitive posts to call him out for that. Other videos he's got up there include titles like "Healthy Everyday Breakfast-Oatmeal." Perhaps that would have been a more appropriate place to discuss the allegations of abuse, the follower felt.

What do you think about a troller getting on a tribute video by Geoffrey Paschel about his dead son on YouTube? Do you agree with his follower who felt that was clearly not the right place to go at him for his assault charges?

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