"90 Day Fiance's" Geoffrey Paschel's last relationship has come to haunt him at a crucial stage of his life. Paschel is set to feature in Season 4 of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way." The new season will air on TLC starting February 23. The 42-year-old recently appeared in court to respond to a series of criminal charges against him after being sued by his previous girlfriend. He is facing the following charges; vandalism, interference with emergency calls, domestic assault, and aggravated kidnapping. However, Paschel insists that these charges by his ex-girlfriend are aimed at sabotaging him now that he is having a child support battle with another woman.

Therefore he believes that he is innocent.

According to USA Today, Geoffrey Paschel was apprehended in June for, allegedly, viciously attacking his 30-year-old ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend claimed that he not only slammed her head on the hard floor but pulled her hair, as well. Furthermore, it was alleged that Paschel disabled her phone to curb any chances of any emergency call being made. She only managed to call 911 by using her neighbor's phone.

Geoffrey Paschel of '90 Day Fiance' gets arrested

Immediately after the incident, Geoffrey Paschel was arrested and taken to custody. His ex-girlfriend sought treatment at a nearby hospital following the alleged assault by her now-former fiancé.

According to the petition, she was diagnosed with a concussion.

At the moment, the 42-year-old faces charges of choking, hitting, and pushing his ex on other four different occasions dating back to September 2018. As a result, she received a temporary order of protection ahead of the court hearing. Regardless of those serious abuse allegations, Paschel still maintains that he is not guilty.

He only claims that his one-time fiancé only wants to jeopardize his ongoing child support case.

Geoffrey Paschel declines to shed light on his alleged secret affair

Paschel refused to state whether he is having an affair with the Russian woman he featured with in the upcoming "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" Season 4. The two first met on an international dating site.

Already Paschel has a trip to Russia on the cards and is planning to also propose to Varya. However, he has a responsibility to prove, to both Varya's family and friends, that indeed he has all it takes to enter into a relationship with her.

Fans of '90 Days Fiance' on Geoffrey Paschel

"90 Day Fiancé" fans will be following the turn of events to witness how Geoffrey Paschel will overcome this plight. This unfortunate occurrence comes at a time when he is in search of love on this great TLC show. And the Tennessee man certainly wishes the process of looking for his better half goes on smoothly. But first, he has to deal with his ex-girlfriend, who has already pressed serious charges of domestic violence and abuse on him. Fans of this show can look forward to some exciting drama as this story unfolds. Stay tuned for more.