The "90 Day Fiancé" couple, Juliana and Micheal appeared on the Tell All. The two of them talked about so many issues revolving around their relationship and family. According to E! News, Juliana opened up that she always sent money to her family but they were upset when she did not give them what they requested. She ended up saying they don't speak to her anymore.

Later on, Michael's ex-wife, Sarah, came on stage and host, Shaun asked her what led to her divorce with Michael.

Sarah asked Michael to answer the question and he said that he was caught up in partying and just wanted his freedom. Sarah said that Michael had an emotional relationship which he admitted to, but said that he did not hide the fact that he was married. His ex-wife also added that she always allowed him to travel and go to places so she could not understand what he meant by he was not "free." Michael said that he flirted with other females when his divorce with Sarah was not finalized. When Shaun asked Juliana if she had ever asked Michael about the divorce with Sarah, Juliana said that she asked Sarah instead.

Juliana and Michael ex closeness

While, Sarah and Michael talked about their divorce on the "90 Day Fiancé" Tell All, it was obvious that Juliana was a bit uncomfortable, but she was very close to Sarah as they held hands while they were on the show.

According to ET Online, Sarah also said that she had her doubts when she first saw Juliana, but she later trusted her after she heard her story and family values. She said that she realized that Juliana would not be fake, especially where it involved the kids, Max and Cece, the two children Sarah shares with Michael. Juliana said that Sarah was her best friend in America.

Max and Cece on the 90 day fiance tell all

Max and Cece made an appearance on the show. Shaun asked the both of them when they first heard about Juliana and they said that their dad said that he found a girlfriend. Max added that his dad said her name was Juliana and she was 20 years younger than him. Michael immediately corrected his statement, saying it was 19 years younger.

Max said that his reaction was like, "oh my gosh dad." Max gave very good advice to the couples. Max said that the couples should get to know each other more and their tradition and language. He apologized to Anna as it looked like he was talking about her since Mursel's English language is not fluent.

Max said that his favorite couple was Syngin and Tania because they seem to work for each other. Cece said that her favorite couple was Natalie and Mike because they appreciate each other.

Sasha urges Emily to be friends with his exes on the 90 Day fiancé Tell-All

After they left the stage Syngin said that it was good to see Juliana and Sarah getting along. Sasha also said that he wished Emily was in good relationship with his exes and Emily said that she wanted it to be that way but they were not open to it. Michael told Sasha that he can't force someone to feel a certain way and Emily continued, noting that Sasha's ex-wives we're entitled to their feelings about her.