Hawaii Five-O” faithful had to feel like the past two weeks were gone forever since the Friday night drama took a two-week pause in new episodes. Hearts were pounding in anticipation during the opening minutes of the January 31, 14th Episode of Season 10, "I ho'olulu, ho'ohulei 'ia e ka makani" (There Was a Lull, and Then the Wind Began to Blow About). One look into the beautiful, but desperate, eyes of Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett’s dog, Eddie, grabbed viewers by the heartstrings, as Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) made another daring rescue of his devoted canine companion and hero to all of “Hawaii Five-O.”

Every “Hawaii Five-O” fan or first-time viewer, who has ever cherished a canine, had the same racing heart as the task force boss while he braved four lanes of traffic to reach Eddie, barely saving both their lives with a shove into the grass.

The Navy Seal instantly understands that the issue goes much deeper than a simple episode of a fearful runaway for his dog. He dives into action to learn what is triggering such behavior.

Pizza and the precious pooch are priority subjects on this ‘Hawaii Five-O.’ Danny is completely smitten with the woman who insists that he needs an Irish Mule, while she is the one who defers to Scotch. He relates to her that things with his ex “didn't work out,” and he summarizes how she has ended up in Hawaii. The pair don't need alcohol to fuel their passion. They don't even wait to leave the bar. In a steamy sequence that is part “9 1/2 Weeks” and a touch of “Basic Instinct,” they make the ladies’ fog up.

This “Hawaii Five-O” has the look of something from the big screen, and Scott Caan’s stage experience shows in the angles of the cameras. Kudos to Peter Lenkov for this touching story on so many levels.

It would have been a much better choice for them to get the closest hotel room, but Danny offers to drive Leslie to her current living situation, a long distance away, in his “midsize rental.” It doesn't take long for her to know that he is from New Jersey.

She is from Massapequa, and they have memories of the same pizza parlor and players in major league baseball. The possibilities seem endless-- too good to be true. Just after Leslie gently strokes Danny’s face, Danny has to swerve to miss a totally distracted driver coming head-on towards them. Their car flips and plunges into a remote ravine off the road.

Steve is completely consumed by Eddie's turn for the worse. He arranges for a house call from Dr. Emma Okino (Presilah Nunez). She is the same compassionate veterinarian who performed Eddie's life-saving surgery after the gunshots he suffered on the day he met Steve. She confirms that his symptoms are indicative of PTSD. “Hawaii Five-O” deserves credit for bringing this important and sensitive issue for military working dogs and other service stocks to light. Dogs embed sensory input much deeper than humans, and trauma can take a lifelong toll.

Steve calls Danny to check-in, and Danny tells Steve that he believes that Adam is on his way home, based on the fact that his phone is completely off.

When Danny tells Steve about the attractive company he his keeping, Steve cautions that he should not “blow this rare opportunity of a woman who wants to talk with you.” Speaking of similarities, Steve tells Emma that it was totally his fault that nothing came of their first date. He admits that he has struggled in leaving his job in the proper perspective. He hints just a tad about a second chance. When she tells him that she's seeing someone, he tells her he's very happy for her. Steve McGarrett is a man who understands his flaws and downplays his strengths—gotta love him.

This ‘Hawaii Five-O’ situation of life and death is very personal

Steve and Eddie have the full support of everyone on “Hawaii Five-O.” Quinn and Tani (Katrina Law and Meaghan Rath) research Eddie’s service in Afghanistan.

Steve makes contact with service members who knew his partner, who was killed. Lou Grover (Chi McBride) is moving his son to an off-campus apartment, but still has time to make arrangements for Eddie and Steve to see a specialist because “I love that guy” he gushes of the dog. When Tani is thrown, seeing how Eddie is suffering and thinking of Junior in danger, Quinn assures her that he is “tough as hell.” No one is “indestructible,” and Tani will have to learn how to be Junior’s soft place.

Steve and Eddie have everyone. Danny, and his lady love, have no one. There is no cell service at their location. Danny is wounded and cannot walk far enough to get a connection. He walks to the road to flag down a car, but it drives by.

He discovers that Leslie has life-threatening bleeding from a piece of the wreckage piercing her back. First aid training teaches not to remove such an object, but this one will continue hemorrhaging if something is not done. He packs the wound again and again and cheers her on to stay awake and not give up. Still, he knows her time is running out.

The life-saving efforts defy the characteristics that “Hawaii Five-O” fans have come to know and love in the character of Danny Williams. Danny Williams is a constantly attentive dad who called his kids from quarantine after being shot to make sure they were safe and well. It only stands to reason that honking the horn would have been his first step after knowing that cell service was not an option.

He would also have flares and hazard markers in his trunk, yes, even a rental, as part of police preparedness. Danny made heroic efforts emotionally to save Leslie, but the trademark precautions that detective Danny Williams would surely have taken were missing.

Kate Siegel's beautiful eyes seemed more luminous as the life drained from Leslie. The emotion and tenderness of her fading moments were palpable and deeply moving. “Don't miss this one,” she implores Danny, after reminding him that “things are gonna work out for you.”

Danny does manage to flag down a truck driver to call for help. Ambulances and rescue teams come, but it's too late for Leslie, who didn't even get to share her name with the man she made her last memories with on that fateful afternoon.

In the parting scene, before the credits roll for this “Hawaii Five-O,” Danny hobbles down the road, disheartened to his core, without words as EMS vehicles line the site of the crash.

Eddie has no need for the color purple in his duties for ‘Hawaii Five-O’

Amidst all the efforts for Eddie, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) returns to Steve's door. They embrace, but Steve completely displays that he doesn't believe Adam’s excuse that “I just had to get away.” Adam has pledged to the Japanese crime lords that he will be an agent for them within “Hawaii Five-O.” How long will it be before his team members discover his mission? The character has fought far too long and hard against the Yakuza to suddenly surrender again.

He has a plan to expose Kenji completely to the bosses and still exonerate himself. Ian Anthony Dale is going to be directing an episode of the story arc that will begin next week in Episode 15 and likely run through the end of the season. Things should be interesting.

Steve catches a reference to “purple flowers” when talking to the troupe member present when Eddie lost his handler. Quinn and Tani visit Steve's next-door neighbor, who happens to be a horticulturist who grows that variety of blooms in her yard. She is very willing to transplant the blossoms to a nursery to help Eddie with his trauma. In another touching scene, Steve relates how “I could never have made it” without his best friend.

Healing will be a long road for Eddie, and for Steve, too. Friends, no matter how long or how brief their history, do anything possible for each other. That promise is part of “ohana” and through life, love, and death, “ohana” endures on “Hawaii Five-O.”