"90 Day Fiance's" Anny and Robert’s relationship has been a rollercoaster ride for fans all season. The couple has had to deal with different issues on the show. The two, who found each other on Facebook, had been communicating on the social media site for a few months before meeting in person. Robert was on a cruise through the Dominican Republic when they first met. Soon afterward, they applied for a K1 visa for Anny, reports In Touch Weekly.

Anny to the United States

Anny successfully gained entry into the United States, and the two have been planning to take the final step after Robert proposed to her.

However, things have gone smoothly for the couple. Anny was shocked to find out about the number of children that her American boyfriend had fathered. The 41-year-old had told her that he had three children. He claimed that two of his children lived with an ex-partner, while he took care of his son, Bryson. It turned out that Robert had lied about the exact number. The Florida resident later admitted to his girlfriend that he actually had five children.

Anny and Robert's relationship on '90 Day Fiance'

While Anny was angry that he had lied to him, she seemed to forgive him, and they vowed to work on their relationship. With Robert promising to settle down, he wanted his Dominican Republic girlfriend to take care of his son as he worked hard to provide for them.

Despite his noble intentions, Robert’s plans seemed that they were destined to fail once Anny interacted with Bryson’s grandmother, Stephanie Woodcock. His former mother-in-law has not gotten along well with Anny. Things between the two ladies escalated during the January 26th episode of the TLC show. In the episode, Stephanie claimed that Anny was using Robert to get a green card.

She even offered to write her a check of between $10,000 to $15,000 to return to the Dominican Republic. Anny was furious at the offer and felt offended by the adult film star.

Fans were also not impressed by Stephanie’s attitude towards Anny. Many felt that she had demeaned her by assuming that she could buy her affection towards Robert.

Recently, Stephanie came out and defended herself from the backlash she has received. In a recent Instagram post, the adult film star said that fans were overreacting to her scene in the episode. She also revealed that she had not come up with the idea to offer Anny money.

Stephanie says that the producers had scripted the scene and even gave her the checkbook since she did not have one of her own. The reality star said she had the evidence to prove that the scene was premeditated, urging fans to stop harassing her over the episode. She posted screenshots of direct messages she had received from fans accusing her of being a terrible human being. Stefanie added that she was comfortable in her skin, and her only focus was being a good parent and grandparent. Stay tuned for more "90 Day Fiance" updates.