Adam Sandler and Netflix have come to terms for another four films. Sandler originally made a deal with Netflix in 2014, after seeing success from his films like "Jack and Jill," "That's My Boy," and "GrownUps 2." That business relationship has turned into something special. His debut Netflix film "The Ridiculous Six," broke viewership records for the streaming service. In 2017, Sandler reached an agreement on a 4-movie extension, leading to the popular "Murder Mystery."

"Murder Mystery," became Netflix's 2019 most popular title. The movie now has a sequel in the works.

Netflix is seeing the fruits of their labor. According to Screenrant, subscribers have spent more than two billion hours watching Adam Sandler's Netflix content since 2015. Sandler is expected to stay with Netflix for the foreseeable future.

Netflix and Sandler seem like a match made in heaven

Netflix announced this new deal in a press release, confirming they extended the deal with Happy Madison for four additional films. Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos showed his excitement over the news and said that it's clear Netflix subscribers can't get enough of the comedian and his stories.

Adam Sandler's latest project was "Uncut Gems," a film that gave Sandler the opportunity to use some of his more serious acting chops.

The Netflix extension will unlikely include those types of films. Based on Sandler's previous work with Netflix, he will probably be more focused on his comedic work for the streaming giant.

Sandler's comedic style is best suited for Netflix films

While fans may be disappointed with "Uncut Gems," Sandler joked about intentionally making a bad film, if he didn't receive an Oscar for his film.

He became the year's biggest Best Actorsnub and is now looking to make good on his "promise." Streaming has become a great platform for Sandler's comedic style. Sandler's comedic chops are breaking records in audiences living rooms.

Details are unknown about his next slate of projects with Netflix, but two projects have been confirmed.

One film in development is "Hubie Halloween," a family film that boasts an all-star cast that includes Kevin James, Ray Liotta, Rob Schneider, Kenan Thompson, and even Shaquille O'Neal among others. It follows Hubie Dubois who ends up having to save Halloween. Sandler's second project is an animated feature film, in which he serves as writer, producer, and actor.

Adam Sandler fans will have to wait and see whether Sandler's next Netflix films are as good as his prior films. Sandler's projects have been a hit and miss over the years on Netflix. The next deal Netflix offers Sandler will probably be for even more films.