It has been confirmed that Loren and Alexei will be mum and dad very soon. The news comes after the two "90 Day Fiancé" stars went through a series of challenges in their relationship. However, it now seems that they are getting along well and enjoying their relationship.

"90 Day Fiancé" stars first met in Israel, where Alexei was a medic, and Loren had come for a Birthright Israel trip. They quickly got to know each other, and Loren visited him five times that year before ditching New York for Florida. They later had their first wedding in 2015 September with the second one coming in 2016 July.

The weddings took place in the United States and Israel to make it easier for both families to be part of this critical step in their lives. Currently, Loren and Alexei live in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Notably, the couple appeared in the first two seasons of "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After."

Loren confirms that she is pregnant

In a statement to E! News, Loren admitted that she is going to be a mother this coming spring. She appreciated her husband Alexei for the support he gave her all through when they were facing some ups and downs in their relationship. Loren said in a statement "Alex is hands down the best partner I could have ever asked for during this time. The first trimester wasn't easy for me, and he was and is an amazing support system," reports E!

News. The two stars experienced a hard time in their relationship, but they were able to get past those challenges without any serious marital conflict.

Alexei and Loren took to Instagram to share The Great News

Here are the pictures Loren posted on her Instagram account.

Loren also took to Instagram to share the good news of her being a mother soon with her follows.

She not only posted photos of her husband but also ultrasound photos of their unborn child. Alexei was pictured kissing his wife’s stomach in those fantastic pics. They all looked happy in those photos at the possibility of becoming parents pretty soon. According to US Magazine, Loren also said, “The first trimester wasn’t easy for me, and he was and is an amazing support system,” the “Get the Gossip” podcast host adds.

“We are just overjoyed and cannot wait to meet our baby this spring!"

Alexei on Instagram

Later on, Alexei took the opportunity to break the exciting news to his Instagram followers. Excited, Loren’s hubby revealed how excited he was knowing that soon he will be a father. He shared photos of him and Loren with a caption, “I AM GOING TO BE A DADDY!!!” Let us know what you think about Loren and Alexei's relationship. Put your comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for updated related to "90 Day Fiancé," TV Shows and more.