"90 Day Fiance" fans really thought they'd heard the end of Jay Smith and Ashley Martson's on-again, off-again divorce. Fans heard Ashley finally got Jay to sign off on the divorce papers in November. That came the day before her Instagram account got taken down briefly. But, Jay now hinted on his Instagram Stories that they are not divorced. Plus he revamped his Instagram with cryptic hints of something new coming.

Confused '90 Day Fiance' fans wonder if Jay and Ashley never divorced

On Thursday, Jay Smith took to his Instagram Stories and did a Q&A.

The main question that grabbed the eye was one about divorce. Edited, so it looks like the "Ashley" is part-hidden, someone asked about it. Even the word "divorce" got partly hidden by the word, "Nope." Then, the actual caption read, "Heads up we are not that was a lie. I just found out a couple of days ago (SIC)."

Well, that even confused blogger John Yates, who shared a screenshot of the post. Plus, he also shared a Story that Ashley posted. It said, "I feel like I am at a traveling circus on a carousel trapped by an evil clown, and I can't get off, no matter how hard I try to." John captioned that with, "From possibly still married Ashley." Well, "90 Day Fiance" fans now they can't comment on Stories, so they went over to John's Instagram to talk about it.

The mistake in the paperwork or Ashley and Jay toying with their '90 Day Fiance' fans again?

One follower on John's Instagram noted that they thought they saw something by Ashley on her stories. Apparently, it suggested some sort of paperwork gitch happened in the divorce. Some fans suggested that Jay deliberately messed up the papers to stretch himself being allowed to remain in the USA.

But, others noted that their lawyers probably dealt with it all. Overall, "90 Day Fiance" fans seemed to agree that for lawyers to make an error would not be usual.

Other fans just think the two people try and stay relevant with their never-ending story abut being split, divorced, married, back together, ad-infinitum. Jay used the word "lie" in his Story, and fans pretty much slammed them badly back when they lied about their relationship.

Then Ashley blamed TLC for it, suggesting they made them do it. As reported, they claimed "they agreed with TLC to fake the status of their relationship...Not long after that, she announced they quit."

Jay Smith revamps his Instagram, new things coming for '90 Day Fiance' star

Six days ago, before the Q&A and the hint that he and Ashley are not divorced, Jay took down everything on his jay_smith_ja Instagram. He just shared one post. It said, "coming soon.' That's the only post left as of January 10. Late Thursday, he then shared on Stories, swipe-ups to go to his new social media accounts. One of those is a YouTube account named, "Jay The Creator." There are no videos or content, but he managed 1.5k followers.

Fans grow confused. But, it's not an uncommon situation with this "90 Day Fiance" couple. At one stage or another, both of them seemingly manipulated their social media to make things look off. Their cryptic messages and posts in the past seldom delivered straight information. Most fans actually have some trouble trying to figure out what they mean. One thing that fans on John Yates' Instagram know, is that these two don't seem inclined to disappear into the sunset, despite their season-long being over.

What do you think about Jay Smith hinting he and Ashley never got divorced? Do you think their lawyers made a mistake? And what about the cryptic secrecy and revamp of Jay's Instagram?

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