The second season of “Roswell, New Mexico” isn't expected to premiere until March 16 and has already scored a season three renewal when the CW announced the renewal of the show, along with twelve other shows. While fans still have a while to wait, showrunner Carina Adly Mackenzie has revealed various teases about what can be expected in the upcoming season. The second season can be expected to contain more sibling dynamics and romance for the characters.

Last season left off with a shocking cliffhanger that saw a resurrection, a death, and a love triangle.

After solving a string of murders, Liz (Jeanine Mason) and her friends discovered that Isobel’s husband was not only the culprit but also an alien. The season one finale resulted in a face-off between Max (Nathan Parsons) and Noah which ended in Noah’s death. Max and Liz finally got together only for him to make the drastic decision to resurrect her sister Rosa which resulted in his own death. Kyle (Michael Trevino) made a drastic move against Master Sargent Manes and put him into a coma. Alex (Tyler Blackburn) made the choice to talk to Michael (Michael Vlamis) about the two of them starting over and went to wait for Michael while Michael made his own decision and went to be with Maria (Heather Hemmens) after confessing the complicated feelings he has for Alex to Isobel.

Showrunner shares 5 teases

Carina Adly Mackenzie took to Twitter to tease fans about what they can expect in the upcoming season. Throughout the season several references were made to Liz’s mother and the tense feelings she has about her which Mackenzie has confirmed will not only be addressed but fans will get to see her mother when she makes an appearance for a family dinner.

Madison McLaughlin (“Arrow”) has been cast in an unknown role. Though the new season won’t be airing around Halloween, Mackenzie shared that they went ahead and made a spooky episode anyway. There will also be a flashback to someone’s 21st birthday but the showrunner was mum on who that will be. The last tease that Mackenzie gave will have fans speculating all season long as she shared that a character that identifies as straight at the beginning of the season won’t by the end of it.

Not much has been teased about the love triangle between Alex, Michael, and Maria, or about the fan-favorite ship fans have dubbed Malex.

Season 2 casts Jason Behr, among others

Season two will find Jamie Clayton as Agent Grace Powell coming to town to solve a string of disappearances and search for her own loved one that has gone missing which leads her to realize how many secrets the town of Roswell has. Gaius Charles has been cast as a local farmer in 1947 that sees the good in people, human and alien alike, though he will have his moral compass tested. Jason Behr (the original Max Evans) is set to recur on the show in an unknown role but is teased as having deep ties to Roswell’s history.

Also set for the new season is David Anders whose character is described as being a bovine enthusiast, bootmaker, and banjo player.

He will come into play to assist Maria and Alex when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Mackenzie revealed on Twitter that the role was written with Anders in mind because the role was so insane that only one man could do it. Cassandra Jean Amell has been cast for the 1947 flashbacks where she’ll play an alien seeking refuge following the crash and is described as being a pacifist by nature that when separated from her kids, she will be pushed to protect them no matter the cost.

Some episode titles have been revealed for "Roswell, New Mexico" season two: the premiere episode is entitled “Stay (I Missed You),” episode two is entitled “Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space,” episode three is entitled “Good Mother,” episode four is entitled “What if God Was One of Us?,” episode six is entitled “Sex and Candy,” episode seven is entitled “Como La Flor,” episode eleven is entitled “Linger,” and episode twelve is entitled “Crash into Me."