The critically acclaimed war movie “1917” could be a name to reckon with at the Oscars. It has already impressed those who matter and bagged two of the biggest awards at the Golden Globes. The movie also earned nominations for nine BAFTAs and could be a success at the Oscars. Its story revolves around a couple of young soldiers who have to carry out a near-impossible mission. It is during the First World War and their mission is to save their comrades. Director Sir Sam Mendes received his knighthood in the New Year Honors and he paid compliments to the legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins whose invaluable contribution added to the positives of the movie.

Sky News explains the hard work that went into making “1917.” The actors of the present day and the production team had to go back in time to recreate the mood of the previous century. It involved nearly six months of hard work and rehearsals. The lead actors had to undergo daily military drills loaded down with bulky uniforms and weapons. These contributed to bringing authenticity and helped to create a movie that will remain etched in memory for a long time.

‘1917’ is not a run-of-the-mill affair

The story is set against the backdrop of World War I.

Two young British soldiers have to carry out a mission that was seemingly impossible. They had to pass on a message to their own men in enemy territory. If not delivered in time, their men could walk into a trap. The attraction of “1917” is the way director Sam Mendes handled the photography to create a sense of continuous motion.

He admits the method was "stressful" and his inspiration came from “Skyfall” and “Spectre” – the two Bond Movies he directed. Mendes says the story drew on the experiences of the war as narrated by his grandfather.

Sky News says the film took away a few honors at the Golden Globes.

Mendes bagged the best director award and his film was adjudged the best drama. It could now gain entry among the Oscar hopefuls. George Mackay and Dean-Charles Chapman portray the roles of the two soldiers. Others in the cast include names like Richard Madden, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, and Colin Firth.

The story is gripping

According to the BBC, “1917” is about two British soldiers who have to cross no-man’s land on foot to deliver a message that could prevent the slaughter of 1600 men. It was a time-bound program. British forces planned an attack on the Germans and if they went ahead with the plan, they would run into an ambush. The message was to call off the attack and they had just the night to do it.

Dean-Charles Chapman (Game of Thrones) and George Mackay (Captain Fantastic) are the two soldiers Blake and Schofield. Blake looks at the mission as personal because his brother was among the 1,600 men. World War I left around 17 million dead and Sam Mendes and his team deserve full credit for trying to recount their story after more than a century, critics think.