"90 Day Fiance" star Rebecca Parrot decided from the get-go to deal with trolls in a humorous way. Nevertheless, she still got trolled on anyway. So, these days she tends to ignore them. But her loyal fans stand up for her. And, when trolls criticized her birthday video for Zied, they slammed them on Rebecca's behalf. One complained about the post in their feed, another complained about filters. And, another didn't like the idea of sharing birthday greetings.

Rebecca's birthday post very nice some '90 Day Fiance' fans thought

On Rebecca's Instagram, she posted up a birthday greeting to Zied over in Tunisia.

It's his birthday, and the video really sounded very sweet, fans thought. She said, "Happy Birthday my love...I love you with all my heart and I promise this will be your last birthday and we are not together. I hope you have a wonderful day baby." Zied liked the video and replied to her, saying, "Babyy Thank you soo much for the video...you know good How much I lovee you soo much ."

Many fans also loved the message and her soothing voice. One "90 Day Fiance" fan wrote, "Love you 2, hope everything goes well for you guys. Big kiss from Portugal." Another one commented, "Happy birthday to your lovely husband." Another fan really hoped that the couple soon gets their visa for Zied to move to the USA.

But some critics trolled on Rebecca and fans slammed them.

Zied and Rebecca critics troll, fans slam them

One post that really annoyed fan came from a troll who wrote, "WHY ARE YOU IN MY FEED AINO BODY CARE GO HAVE A SIT." Naturally, that infuriated those "90 Day Fiance" fans who love Zied and Rebecca. They thought it particularly stupid as feeds only show up for people who follow the Reality TV stars.

One fan slammed the troll noting, "he didn't put herself there. You're in charge of your Insta, poor thing." Meanwhile, another person noted that there's nothing to stop them "scrolling past," if they don't like a post in their feed.

Then others complained about the filters. But, Rebecca used filters for so long now, people become used to it.

After all, that played a big part in their storyline in the show. One fan told those critics, "Y’all are so annoying always talking about a filter! Shes beautiful with it and without it and really WHO CARES? Why follow her and then question her about being her? Get a life and leave her be!"

Trolls complain about personal posts by Rebecca

Fans of almost every single TV show often see people share posts to their loved ones on their birthdays. But, some people took exception to Rebecca doing it. A couple of critics complained. One said, "Why do people do that? Post stuff like this on social media just do it private its more romantic." One "90 Day Fiance" supporter answered with, "Why don’t you go away?

You’re the one bringing negativity here... say nice things or say nothing at all."

Others also slammed those critics, saying that there's no reason at all why people can't share whatever they like on their pages.

What do you think about trolls beefing about Rebecca on her nice birthday post to Zied? Do you agree that loyal fans hitting back them have some good points?

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