"90 Day Fiancé" stars Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott have a long-distance relationship as Zied lives in Tunisia while Rebecca lives in America. When they were on "90 Day Fiancé", Rebecca hid the fact that she was technically still married to her ex-husband. She later told Hakimi that the files for the divorce were not ready. They had a fight but they then resolved their issue.

Hakimi and Parrott keep their bond active, even though they live far away from each other. They usually post cute photos of themselves online and show fans that their love is still filled with sparks.

Recently, Zied graduated from his HVAC class, and Rebecca congratulated him in a post, thanking him for putting in the work to come to America and have a life with her. Zied regularly posts Rebecca on his Instagram account. He loves to sing and dedicate some songs to his American lover. Although Zied does not know when he will be able to revisit Rebecca, they hope to live together and build a future, and Rebecca is working towards his K-1 visa.

Rebecca advertises products

When Parrott is not posting about her Tunisian lover, she is advertising products. She advertised a product called "teleties." They are hair ties, and they looked great on her when she posted the video.

She recently posted three photos on her Instagram account.

The first photo was a text, asking her followers to swipe to see her lover and her together in bed. The second and third photo showed her hiding behind a blanket with Zied's face on it. She captioned it, saying, "What did you expect?? But seriously, this blanket is cute!!" With a laughing emoji and heart emoji.

Followers were pleased, and most of them felt like it was a prank.

But, some people thought it was clickbait.

Someone commented, "Love this, any news on when you guys get to see each other? My heart goes out to you! That would be hard!" Rebecca replied to the comment saying that it's been a year, and she wasn't sure when.

Another one said, "Girl, you had me swiping going wtf... that blanket is precious!!" Rebecca replied, saying, "haha sorry!!" With a laughing emoji and a heart emoji.

Someone referred to Laura, saying if she were Laura, he would have been scared and Rebecca replied with a laughing emoji.

Rebecca posts a laughing baby

Rebecca later uploaded a TikTok video of herself smiling broadly and a baby laughing. She captioned, "Y'all these kids laugh is sooo cute!!! my cheeks hurt from smiling so much." Her fellow cast member, Darcey Silva, commented, "So adorable and cute!!! Love it!!!" with three heart emojis.

A follower commented, "If your sad, listen! I've always said we should always start each day with a child's laugh! Wouldn't [that] just make each day???!!"

While fans wait for Rebecca Parrott to announce Zied's coming to America, they also can't wait to see more positivity Rebecca shares on social media, along with Zied Hakimi's songs.