"90 Day Fiance" fans grew to like Rebecca Parrot's man, Zied Hakimi. He became famous in a way on social media for his phrase, "Soo mach work." Actually, Rebecca also gathered loads of fans. In fact, she played the trolls and hate better than most TLC stars. Now the show's over, she still pops onto Instagram to keep her followers updated. And it looks like one of those fans is a famous actor - Richard Grieco.

Rebecca showed off Zied's ring, '90 Day Fiance' star in the USA

Rebecca's in the USA at the moment, but she and Zied obviously love each other deeply.

Blasting News reported how thrilled she was to share a photo of her ring. And, despite first impressions, she proudly exclaimed that Zied never used any of her money to buy it. Meanwhile, Zied got his driving license and bought a car. It's all part of his preparation for life in the USA. Plus, Zied's on Cameo.com these days and fans love buying messages from him for their loved ones.

Zied's "Soo mach work" phrase popped up on coffee mugs and fans often pin up the words on posters above their work stations. So, the couple garnered plenty of love. So far, Rebecca gathered nearly 200k "90 Day Fiance" fans. Over on Zied's Instagram, he's well on his way to 120k fans. That's unusual for the foreign partner in the TLC franchise.

And, on Rebecca's page, one of those fans looks to be a famous actor, Richard Grieco.

Actor Richard Grieco follows '90 Day Fiance' star Rebecca on Instagram

On Saturday night, Rebecca took to her Instagram to catch up with her fans. She wrote, "Hello everyone I feel like I haven’t posted in forever! Too busy working. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday evening." That's when the verified account of @realrichardgrieco wrote, "Hope your well ." Well, "90 Day Fiance" fans of Rebecca couldn't get over it.

One follower said, "@realrichardgrieco oh my goodness, haha your a fan."

Meanwhile, another fan noted, "@realrichardgrieco just seeing Richard Grieco comment on this makes my week!" Well, if you don't know who Richard Grieco is, Rotten Tomatoes reminds us that he "played leading and supporting roles on television and in features." He starred in various movies like "The Demolitionis." Plus, he modeled for the likes of "major clients as Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Armani for a while." He's also a successful singer on the side, and his CD "'Waiting for the Sky to Fall'...became a smash hit in Europe." And, now he looks to be a "90 Day Fiance" fan of Rebecca.

New season of '90 Day Fiance' brings back Rebecca's co-cast member Angela Deem

The new season of the show brings the return of Angela Deem and not all followers are happy about that: especially Rebecca's fans. In the "Tell-All," we saw Angela shouting and performing at the cast, especially Avery Mills. It was Rebecca who told her to settle down. Angela gave her some chest-bumping, but Rebecca stood her ground. But, hopefully, Rebecca's fans get to see more of her and Zied in the future.

What do you think about Rebecca Parrot gaining a famous follower? Do you love it that actor Richard Grieco posts on her Instagram?

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