"90 Day Fiance" star Corey Rathgeber took to his Instagram Stories to do a Q&A. He and Evelin planned one for an earlier time but couldn't do it. So, it came a bit later on his Instagram stories. He answered questions about their future on the show, his NDA agreements, and Laura Jallai. He also said that probably meeting Larissa Lima was not the best idea he ever had.

Corey Rathgener speaks about '90 Day Fiance' error involving Larissa Lima

Fans of the TLC show know that Corey met up with Larissa Lima. The story came to light back in October and US Weekly reported that Larissa spoke out about it.

He met her in Las Vegas and Evelin indicated it was some kind of cheating on her. Larissa later said she felt he used her for some publicity. Corey denied ever cheating. Irrespective, Corey now thinks he made an error meeting up with the "90 Day Fiance" alum.

In his Q&A a fan asked, "Why did you think it was a good idea to meet Larissa?" He replied, "I didn't think much of it at the time." He added, "Looking back I realize I shouldn't have met up." Well, at the time "90 Day Fiance" fans felt it really ended up being not thought out. Now, it seems he agrees with them. But, he spoke about things as well, and some of that involved Laura Jallali.

Laura Jallai bit the hand that fed her some '90 Day Fiance' fans feel

As reported towards the end of December, Evelin, Laura's girl spoke in a live interview with blogger John Yates. She spilled a lot of things about Laura. Recall, after her humiliating experience at the tell-All when Aladin dumped Laura on national TV, she was very upset.

Evelin offered her to get down to Ecuador while she got over the experience. But later, she alleged that Laura tried to break up her and Corey. So they got into a rather bitter dispute.

A fan asked Corey about that in his Q&A. One fan asked, "When you're back on the new season will Laura be on it with you?" They added, "Hope not." The "90 Day Fiance" star replied, "I can't say if we'll be on another season or not." Then he said, "No.

She would not be apart of anything involving us (sic)."

Another fan asked Corey, "True thoughts on Laura?" Corey just said, "I'm just disappointed and will never understand."

Corey talks about '90 Day Fiance' NDA and future shows on TLC

Other fans asked Corey about more shows in the future. He noted that he can't reveal where they stand in their relationship right now. And, he can't say much as it might break their NDA agreements with TLC. However when pressed, he told a fan in is Q&A, "Maybe one day? I would love to be on it." He was talking about the new "90 Day Fiance" spinoff, "Pillow Talk."

What do you think about Corey now seemingly regretting that meetup with Larissa Lima, and his reaction to Laura Jallali? Would you like to see him and Evelin appear on "Pillow Talk?"

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