"90 Day Fiance" fans heard that Evelin Villegas and Laura fell out. We reported on her Live interview with guru and blogger, John Yates on YouTube. You can find the link to that further down in this article. While many interesting drops of tea got spilled, Evelin did it with class and a lot of dignity. And, fans love her for it. More surprising, are the number of previous haters who just reversed their opinion of her.

Evelin and the '90 Day Fiance' live on Laura showed her in a different light from the TLC show

On the spinoff, "The Other Way," Evelin got portrayed as a shameless and wanton woman who took her fiance Corey's money for the bar in Ecuador, cheated on him with an ex, and refused to consider kids.

Initially beloved by everyone, Corey lost a bit of the Mr. Nice Guy popularity when he came out quite hostile with the cast members in the Tell-All. Then, when Evelin pitched up for the Tell All without his ring, haters "90 Day Fiance critics felt he got his just desserts for letting a woman rail-road him.

In October, Newsweek noted that Villegas' feelings for Rathgeber...seem uncertain, but everything points to their relationship continuing after the [90 Day Fiance] series. And, Evelin confirmed in the live with John Yates that they spent time together recently and did some filming. But, they still have issues to work through.

Well, after putting up with a lot of hate, even on her family's business page, Evelin now swung some of her "90 Day Fiance" haters into supporters.

We all know that TLC sometimes takes an angle that makes villains of people. But, in Evelin's case, many people felt that she was a stuck up, self-opinionated woman with no sense of humor and a lust for money and men. Across social media, haters bashed at her incessantly for that. But, that changed after her candid chat with John.

Fans go on Instagram to talk about their changed perceptions of Evelin

Just after the live, which you can watch in our article about it, Evelin went onto Instagram. She shared, "A strong woman can have her weak moments too and its ok. Its ok to be vulnerable sometimes cause in the end we are not made of steal. Its ok to step away and look at life from different perspectives, its ok to take yoir time to breath and just be.

❤ We are in this together (sic)."

"90 Day Fiance" fans stepped in to congratulate her on the way she handled the John Yates' live about Laura. Here's what some of them said:

  • "OK so I confess from skeptic to love...well done on that John Yates live. You are a nice person! so glad about that!"
  • "I just watched the live you did and may I say I have a whole new respect for you. You are a person of amazing morals and I find that a great quality in a person. I owe you an apology for the way I used to see you ( as edited on the show ) and now I can see the person you truly are and I think you are great and a true friend."
  • "After hearing the live last night, I wanted to say that you are a sweet person Miss Evelyn! You were kind in bringing Lara to your world to try to help her. No matter what the outcome is, you have proved that you are a kind and generous human being!"

Additionally, on John Yates' post on Instagram where he shared about the live, fans also paid their respects to Evelin.

One said, "It was fantastic! I have a whole new respect for Evelin!!" Another "90 Day Fiance" fan agreed, writing, "f*cking loved this! And I now love Evelyn! Great tea! Thanks guys!"

Already loyal fans love that skeptics now like their '90 Day Fiance' fave after the John Yates' live

Evelin's fans love it that those who previously dissed on her now got loads of respect for her. One said, "I love that others are finally seeing the amazing person that us supporters saw from the beginning! My heart is happy for you!" Meanwhile, another noted, "I knew all along you were a strong woman. TLC is not what people think it is. I hope you and Corey can work it out and soooo glad you got away from Laura!"

Neither of these social media influencers allows embeds of their posts, but it's easy to search on Instagram for their Instagram accounts.

Evelin is @evelin_villegas_ecuador, and John Yates' is @johnyates327tv.

What do you think about former haters suddenly giving Evelin Villegas loads of respect after her live with John Yates? Did it change your opinion of her as well?

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