Danielle Jbali and Mohamed Jbali broke up on the "90 Day Fiancé" show. Danielle and Mohamed met in an online chat room. When Mohamed got to America, they both discovered things they hid from each other. Danielle found out that Mohamed lied about having a job, while, Mohamed found out that Danielle had been using someone's credit card, fraudulently. Even with all that information, the two of them still got married and Mohamed got his K-1 visa. The marriage was filled with arguments, so they filed for divorce. Danielle later suspected that Mohamed had used her for a green card so she filed for an annulment, but it did not work out, and that made her very angry and sad.

A friend of Danielle and Mohamed seemed to be on his side, because, he felt like Danielle always found a way to play the victim if she did not have it her way.

Danielle Jbali seems to have moved on

Danielle has been asked many times why she still answered her ex-husband's name. She explained that her account was already verified and she only left it there because of her Instagram verification. She also started working on herself, physically. She lost some weight and was working on her confidence. She advertised clothing brands.

Jbali disclosed to fans that she has found a new man and then she gave her followers advice, saying that they should surround themselves with positive people that can influence them positively.

She said that her new man was reaching out to her when she and Mohamed had issues and now that they are divorced, he is always there for her and he also boosts her confidence. She is also on the "Pillow Talk" show with the only friend that supported and advised her, Beth Maher. She gives her opinions and ideas since she is not new to the game and already knows how it works.

Mohamed Jbali has moved on

Even if Mohamed has not given us any latest news on his love life. It is clear that he is happy with where he is at now.

He has moved on from all the drama created by him and his ex-wife and now he is living a peaceful life. He loves to post photos on Instagram, showing his simple lifestyle, with his favorite company, Bowie, his dog. Most of his pictures have Bowie in it.

He posted a photo with his dog in front of a large television screen and in the caption, he explained how he was going to grow and take the opportunities that 2020 was going to offer.

Danielle Jbali posts a quote

Danielle posted a text that said, "I used to care what people thought about me until I tried to pay my bills with their opinions."

Fans were quick to react to Jbali's post.

One of them said, "You care very very to keep posting negative for a sympathy card and attention.

Be an example for your children. You are smart and Reality TV famous. Most of us like you. For once I would like to see you post positivity-2020!"

Another one said, "Sometimes life doesn't want you to be happy you try your hardest every single day but it never works out the way you plan it"

Another one said, "I LOVE THIS!!!"

Danielle is a great aunt now

Danielle Jbali posted a very cute newborn who she identified as her great-nephew. The first photo showed the baby wrapped and the second photo showed the "90 Day Fiancé" alum carrying the baby and looking at the eyes of the baby with joy and content. Jbali is now a proud great aunt. Her followers congratulated her.