Sasha and Emily are one of the most interesting couples in the seventh season of “90 Day Fiancé.” Unlike most of the couples in the show, the two did not meet in the online world. It can be recalled that Emily moved to Russia, upon completion of her college degree, to teach English. She met Sasha at a gym in Volgograd, where he trained her. The two then fell in love with each other. Not long after, she got pregnant with their son who they named David. Even then, Emily still had doubts about Sasha's level of commitment

Emily fears Sasha has no plans to stay with her

It looks like viewers will be seeing cracks in the relationship, between Sasha and Emily, in the next episode of “90 Day Fiancé.” In the sneak peek, for the December 8 episode of the reality series, Emily found it suspicious that Sasha was only bringing three shirts with him to the United States.

She confronts the personal trainer about her observation, telling him that he looks like someone who can leave her anytime he wants to. In a confessional, the teary-eyed Emily lets out her hesitations about Sasha’s commitment to their relationship.

One of the objects of Emily’s concern is the fact that Sasha already went through two divorces in the past. Each of these previous marriages produced a child, which means that even David’s existence in their lives might not be able to make their partnership work. Sasha, for his part, tried to assure Emily that he intends to make their relationship work. He also made sure to remind Emily that he is not nervous about meeting her family when they go to America.

Emily kept Sasha’s past a secret to her family

It turns out Sasha should be nervous because he just learned that she kept his past a secret from them. When he voiced his objections about her lying by omission, she just told him to refrain from bringing up the fact, to her mother, that he has been divorced twice and that he has a kid from both marriages.

It will be Sasha’s first time to meet Emily’s family so the thought of lying to them is an issue for him. He already anticipates that the family will be curious about their relationship so it is likely that he will be asked about his past.

Sasha, Emily on '90 Day Fiancé'

When Sasha and Emily were introduced in the reality series, it seemed that both of them were in love with each other.

Emily even thinks that Sasha is her one true soul mate. But they have lots of problems that they need to fix. Emily previously talked about how they immediately got a K-1 visa for Sasha when David was born. But they were not able to go until recently because they forgot to get a passport for the child. It seems, however, that things will be okay between the two of them. Their social media accounts indicate that both of them are currently in Oregon, which could mean that they indeed married each other.