His fellow “Today” co-hosts and millions of viewers know Al Roker as one of the most jovial and generous veterans of broadcast news. What most longtime fans know full well, however, is that Al Roker enjoys a fun running gag more than anyone on the planet. The weatherman often jousts with Dylan Dreyer over social etiquette topics or teases Sheinelle Jones about her well-known signature moves. Craig Melvin has often called Al his mentor throughout his career.

Despite the respect and accolades, this morning, December 6, Dylan Dreyer teased the man who recommended her for her “Today” forecasting job, saying: “Don't you have any people to tease?” Her question referred to the growing recent run-ins with characters and symbols by Al Roker instead of a living, breathing traditional Homo sapiens.

From Al Roker’s perspective, though, there's never a reason to forsake a great pun, even one aimed at the superstar of the plant family, the glimmering Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. As reported by “Today” and Good Housekeeping on December 5, the joyful tree lighting on December 4 sparked word-play jabs that everyone is talking about, including on the tree’s Twitter page.

From festive to feuding

Al Roker shares much in common with the pastor, Donny Willis, who playfully pursued the “Today” host on foot Thanksgiving day, once in their initial run-in, during which Al famously said: “Get outta here, ya butter!” The moment and the comeback created a true Twitter buzz, and Willis kept up the chase, trotting straight up to Al on a motorcycle during another live shot.

There was definitely nothing but goodwill between the man dressed as the dairy favorite and the favorite host. Willis reiterated that he was really just trying to “make people smile” and spread “love and positivity” through the crowd that waits for hours to see the parade that is integral to the holiday tradition. “Embrace the moment,” Donny describes as the lesson of the encounter, “like a warm baked potato.” Willis even attended Macy's clown university to develop the perfect energy and spirit for the big day.

December 4 was a big night for Al Roker, too, as he and Hoda Kotb heralded in the official start of the New York City Christmas season with the lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree and songs from a string of performers, including John Legend, Idina Menzel, and Chicago.

Little did viewers know that the famous tree had already initiated the word battle, saying that “he” had been the one who “paid butter man” to pursue Roker through the parade.

Roker couldn't resist but to launch more fun-loving jabs, such as “you look lit” to the tree, followed by retorts about NBC employees who get friendly with the foliage after “having a few drinks at the party.” Of course, Al responded that those mentioned were from the “branch office.” The back-and-forth barbs went on and on, only making the followers of the official “30ROCKTREE” and Al Roker more delighted.

A surprise shower

A little later in this morning's third hour of “Today,” it was noted that fans really enjoy Dylan Dreyer doing her hands-on demonstrations of weather phenomena.

She has employed flashlights and oranges to demonstrate weather happenings in very concrete terms.

She began to answer a question about the difference between a sprinkle and a shower when she was showered with confetti and balloons. Sweetest of all was a tender embrace from her son, Calvin, and her husband, studio technician, Brian Fichera. Hubby wore a shirt saying: “Son worshiper” in honor of their son expected in early January. January 8 is the official due date, according to Dreyer.

Video greetings from her mother in Florida and her brothers brought Dylan to tears, which are not often seen from the buoyant meteorologist. Calvin was happy to have cake and apple juice and tenderly gave his mom a big hug after seeing her cry.

Bedtime stories will be plentiful for Calvin and his little brother because books were the presents offered to Dylan in the impromptu occasion.

From little boys to books, baby showers and Al Roker’s repartee with a big tree, this morning became another big day on “Today.”