For a moment it seemed that everything was going to go well between “90 Day Fiancé” couple Mike and Natalie. But it seems that things will start to unravel in the next few episodes due to the two’s disagreement on major aspects of their lives.

Mike, who is from the rural town of Sequim, Washington, first got to know Natalie by chatting with her online. His friend Matt, whose wife Svetlana is from Ukraine, helped introduce him to Natalie because Mike said that he wanted to have a lover from a foreign land as well.

Mike believes in aliens

Reinforcing just how different they are, Mike revealed that he believes in aliens.

He talked about this during a dinner with Svetlana, who raised her eyebrows at his comments. The conversation started with Svetlana telling Mike that her friend is a pretty religious person. Mike says that he is not and then things start to go downhill from there.

The 34-year old Mike expounded on his belief. He did not just think that aliens exist; he believes that aliens are gods. He explained further that people who saw aliens in the past were just confused by their appearance and that they really were a more superior civilization. According to ET, Mike said, "I think gods are misinterpretations of what people have seen back in the day. F**k yeah I believe in aliens."

Natalie, who was horrified about the information, looked embarrassed at Mike’s confession.

Thankfully, Mike followed the shocking information with him reassuring Natalie that he respects her devotion to her spirituality. He also said that he would not do anything to persuade her against practicing her religion.

More tensions between Mike and Natalie

It is not the first time that there was friction between Natalie and Mike.

When Mike visited Natalie in Ukraine, he was surprised at her eagerness to have children. In a previous episode, he already mentioned that among the reasons why he does not want children yet is because he has a lot of debt. The worse thing is he has not opened that up to Natalie yet.

Natalie also narrated how her previous marriage failed.

She said that one of the reasons why she left the relationship is because he does not want to have children. This became a topic between the two when they went on a run in one episode.

The 35-year old Ukrainian mentioned that she runs 10 kilometers three times a week so Mike, curiously, asked her if it was something that she and her ex-husband did together. Understandably, Natalie got upset. Mike apologized right away.

Mike and Natalie on '90 Day Fiancé'

Despite genuinely enjoying each other’s company, it seems that the two really have different lifestyles. Mike, who grew up in a rural town, has a bit of a country streak to him. Natalie, on the other hand, seems to have a temperament that would work well for a city (partly because she used to be a model). It remains to be seen if everything will work out well for the couple. Stay tuned for more updates on "90 Days Fiance."