"90 Day Fiance" fans, apart from famous Chrissy Teigen seldom admit they like Darcey Silva's segments on the TLC show. On Monday night, TLC aired a long special about Darcey's journey with Jesse and Tom. Her "Continuing Journey" obviously recapped multiple scenes of Darcey in tears, but that never stopped some people from watching it. However, most social media comments about it came over as negative.

Chrissy Teigen loves Darcey Silva on '90 Day Fiance'

Chrissy Teigen and her hubby John legend both watch "90 Day Fiance." As reported in September, fans thought John fell into a trap when he first watched the franchise.

Now, he's definitely addicted to it. Their thoughts on it came when Chrissy tweeted, "Oh sh*t John just got up to pee and paused 90 Day Fiancé without realizing. He has been turned." But, jokes aside, she also follows Darcey on her private account.

Yahoo carried a story by Entertainment Tonight on December 2. They wrote how thrilled Chrissy was to get a personalized cameo from Darcey for her birthday. They also noted that Chrissy actually only ever once asked someone allow her to follow them on social media. That person is Darcey Silva. While other "90 Day Fiance" fans claim they hate her, Chrissy doesn't. On her account, Chrissy posted, "I’ve never requested to follow someone in my life.

plz accept me Darcey."

Fans react to Darcey's '90 Day Fiance Continuing Journey'

Darcey took to her private Instagram to announce the special. In it, she shared the small clip of her liberally using perfume and literally washing in the airport bathroom.

That came in Tom's segment of the show. Fans didn't seem very impressed. One of them said, "Disturbing all the way round." Another "90 Day Fiance" fan commented, "Thanks for reminding me to delete the episode from my DVR." Yet another said, " I checked my upcoming recordings this morning and when I saw the info I cancelled the recording lol NOPE."

But, despite all these people supposedly hating on Darcey, lots of them did watch the special.

One follower noted, "I hope you find true love. I think you’re a little bit crazy but in a good way and I think you are at least 100% genuine about who you are." Most people just get irritated as Darcey cries lots of tears, way too easily. In fact, she earned the name of 'Desperate Darcey' as she tried too hard to land a ring on her finger, they think.

Twitterati react to Darcey's special

Over on Twitter, where people tend to be bit harsh, more "90 Day Fiance" fans commented their reactions to the long special. But, some of them enjoyed it. One follower said, "Currently watching 'Darcey’s Continuing Journey' as much as she annoys me I enjoy watching her. I hope Love finds her soon." But another person noted, "THREE HOURS OF DARCEY?!?

East coasters, is this really true?" Then came, "Darcey is the most desperate woman and I am here for every second of it."

So, while many comments came across as very negative, like Chrissy Teigen, other fans enjoy watching the "90 Day Fiance" star Darcey Silva despite her many tears.

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