Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union are both beautiful, outspoken ladies, for the right reasons, and both ladies have been very busy lately. Julianne Hough was with her brother this morning, December 5, on the third hour of “Today.” Last night, the siblings were strutting and shuffling their tails off, for 2019’s “Christmas in Rockefeller Center,” on NBC.

For Julianne, the routine with Jordan Fisher was fairly typical, some sweet singing and swaying in the damp, but above-freezing, chill. Her brother Derek, however, was just a day out of the hospital from appendix surgery.

He said he was pretty sure that he blew out a few sutures while rocking, “Sock It to Me, Santa." He actually described that he “took it easy on the dancing” but not even his sister could verify his statement was true.

Gabrielle Union, sadly, is not talking about holiday cheer since her abrupt firing, from “America's Got Talent” last week, but the mother, model, and social activist is speaking her mind very powerfully when it counts. As per Variety and “Today,” Gabrielle Union met for a lengthily five-hour meeting on Tuesday this week (December 3), over Union’s allegations aimed at “America's Got Talent,” its environment, and producers.

Even during the holidays, sometimes pain is necessary to provoke truth, and change can only happen under the forces of someone's great truth.

Julianne Hough hasn't yet had her chance to have a conversation with Gabrielle Union, but she wholeheartedly voiced support for the judge who sat in the middle beside her through Season 14 of “America's Got Talent” last year.

Going full-scale

NBC has launched a formal investigation into the talent competition series which has been one of the most successful, in NBC's history, dominating viewership throughout every summer.

Simon Cowell definitely shows his temperamental side with his critiques, and Gabrielle Union cites the promotion of a toxic working environment within the competition show. She cites Cowell’s cigarette smoking-provoked, chronic bronchial infections and an inappropriate joke by Jay Leno as just two examples, as reported by Variety.

Besides the support from her husband, NBA icon, Dwyane Wade, who applauds his wife’s outspokenness, Time’s Up, the women's advocacy group, gave a full-throated statement accusing NBC of protecting powerful men at the expense of women who speak up about their experiences. Kerry Washington, Ariana Grande, Patricia Arquette, and Ellen Pompeo have also been public in their support of Gabrielle Union.

Wednesday, December 4, on social media, Gabrielle Union declared that she had shared her “unfiltered truth” and “led with transparency” in the discussions. “That excites me,” responded Julianne Hough, redirected when she was asked if she had ever experienced similar situations on “America's Got Talent.” She reiterated, “We need to start conversations,” Hough continued.

“I commend Gabrielle for speaking her truth.” The dancer also expressed support for NBC in “showing up” to work toward a resolution.

Former “America's Got Talent” judge, Howard Stern, has been vocal, in recent days, relating that Simon Cowell prefers to replace female judges over men. That preference seems to be apparent in the dismissal of longtime judges, Heidi Klum and Mel B, before choosing Hough and Union for Season 14. Cowell is the complete owner of the talent TV competition under his SYCO Entertainment corporate umbrella.

Taking a holiday turn

Both Julianne and Derek Hough have been like Christmas elves working on their holiday special for the network, “Holidays with the Hough’s,” set to air December 16.

She said that she has “reached out” to Gabrielle, but hopes that they can have a “real conversation” soon after she returns to LA.

Hough’s contract with “America's Got Talent” was also not renewed. She fervently states that “the paradigm and the workplace are shifting,” suggesting that change is very necessary. The dancer didn't seem at all surprised by the public attention drawn by the shakeup. At times, it takes a little seismic activity in the entertainment world to set things right. Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union will always have roles and be respected for their voices, as women and entertainment professionals. Julianne Hough has plans to spend this Christmas in London. The best gift for Gabrielle Union would be to see the “hope for real change” that she is pushing for carrying forward for her own children and children yet to be born.