Planet of the Apes” first came out as a movie in 1968. The story of the movie was based on a 1963 novel of the same name written by French author Pierre Boulle. It was in the genre of Sci-fi, involved makeup and animation of a high order and starred Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall. It was the property of 20th Century Fox but has now changed hands. It belongs to Disney who wants to give it a new look. They have roped in Wes Ball to develop and direct it because he has the experience after directing the “Maze Runner” trilogy.

Daily Mail UK says disney acquired 20th Century Fox in March and the “Planet of the Apes” movie will be the first major property to move forward.

There is no clarity on whether it will be a reboot or will be a continuation in the franchise. The storyline was way beyond its time because space travel in the 1960s was a concept that was just emerging. It was about an astronaut crew led by George Taylor (portrayed by Charlton Heston) who lands on another planet ruled by apes who treat humans as slaves.

It spawned many sequels

The originality of the story gave it a boost in the box office and a number of sequels followed in quick succession in the 1970s. Some of them did better at the box office compared to others. In the original movie, McDowall and Kim Hunter play sympathetic apes, Cornelius and Zira while Evans is in the role of Dr. Zaius, the primary villain.

The ending of the original movie provides food for thought. George Taylor comes across the Statue of Liberty in ruins and realizes that he had been on Earth the whole time.

Daily Mail UK mentions about a revival in 2001 of the franchise lying dormant for decades.

It was another one in the series and it starred Mark Wahlberg. Incidentally, it will now be up to Wes Ball on how he would use his expertise in animation and visual effects to deliver the goods. He has done a commendable job on “The Maze Runner” trilogy and should not have much difficulty.

Disney says Wes Ball is a rising talent

According to Variety, Disney is developing another “Planet of the Apes” on its own after the Fox-Disney merger and it should be interesting. The Movies in the series have earned positive reviews and Disney wants to carry on from where Fox left. The studio has signed Wes Ball to be at the helm. He has earned recognition as director of the “Maze Runner” trilogy.

Disney believes Ball is a rising talent, and he will prove it with the next “Planet of the Apes” movie. He will have the latest technology at his disposal and can come up with a more interesting perspective. Apes will remain as well as the humans. Only the locations will change and the strategies of how to outwit the animals. It will all be about how best the director can mix the ingredients. Disney has full faith in his abilities and fans can expect the best.