"90 Day Fiance" blogger, John Yates interviewed Evelin Villegas live last week. Described as one of the best lives on his Instagram, fans rushed to read and listen. Evelin talked about Laura trying to break up her and Corey and much more. You can see the live and read all about it on our initial report here, and the follow up here. After that, we anticipated a savage clap back from Laura in return as per her usual form. And, Laura Jallali just showed her mean side again, by dropping her "truth" on Instagram Stories on Christmas day, with calculated and impeccable timing.

It consisted of a reveal of Evelin's marriage status to Corey, and pics of Evelin allegedly cheating on him.

Laura threatened her revenge truth against '90 Day Fiance' cast member Evelin

After the live by Evelin, many former haters felt she dealt with Laura in a classy and honest way. In fact, we reported that many people even apologized to Evelin for previously hating on her. At the time, we noted that one fan said on Evelin's Instagram, "After hearing the live last night, I wanted to say that you are a sweet person, Miss Evelyn! You were kind of bringing Lara to your world to try to help her. No matter what the outcome is, you have proved that you are a kind and generous human being!"

Well, the outcome was that Laura threatened to tell her "truth" about Evelin "very soon." And, as we know, Laura's almost impeccable with timing her stabs back at critics.

This time, she released her "truth" via her Instagram stories at Christmas. But this happens to be Laura's truth, which fans note is a bit off sometimes. So, just how old the pics by the vengeful "90 Day Fiance" alum are, could be debatable.

Laura reveals that Corey and Evelin married

When Evelin spoke to John Yates, she intimated her concerns that Laura might say something to jeopardize her and Corey on the show.

For example, a spoiler could make it look like Evelin broke her NDA with TLC. And, Laura just spilled that Eveline and Corey got married. Luckily, the photo on IG is so small, it's impossible to read even on zoom. In that picture, Laura captioned it with, "Evelin ID showing her status married. Poor Corey married with a boyfriend, Rickie."

In another picture, Laura alleged that "90 Day Fiance" star Corey "accepts her having a boyfriend." Then come along several snaps of a guy kissing her on the cheek.

One got captioned with, "Sweet love when you cheat on your husband." Well, slipped into the end of Christmas Day in Ecuador, right now, no doubt Evelin rues the day she extended a helping hand to Laura Jallali, ever.

Savage revenge includes an NDA reveal about Eveline married

What type of "friend" photographs your ID and marital status? When she revealed the apparent marriage status she could have hurt Evelin badly. And, fans know that most of their storyline on "90 Day Fiance" revolves around keeping viewers guessing.

This could very well have just brought Evelin's fears to life about Laura possibly trying to wreck her and Corey's future on the show.

You might recall that after the Tell-All of "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way," Laura was shocked. Savaged by Aladin Jallali on national TV, she seemed distraught. Evelin invited Laura down to Ecuador to find a refuge. But, later, Evelin alleged that Laura tried to break up her and Corey and even invited him to be her roommate. We know that Laura wants back on the TLC show, but this kind of savagery with spoilers probably won't endear herself to the TLC producers.

What did you think about Laura timing her "truth" and revenge on Evelin for Christmas Day? Do you think any of the cast members will ever be likely to extend Laura a helping hand again?

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