"90 Day Fiance" fans probably just got the most tea in one live interview ever. Blogger John Yates said on Instagram, Evelin spilled so much tea on Laura that it's probably the "Best. Live. Ever." He later shared the live to YouTube and yes, she spilled plenty of tea. She revealed that Laura's in Ecuador, why she stood by Laura, and how Evelin's on vacation but Corey's in Ecuador with Laura. She said among other things that Laura never got paid and tries to get involved in Evelin and Corey's relationship. And, the love affair with Tony of @thechantelteas's a pure lie.

Much more came out in the very candid live.

Evelin explains why she stood by Laura after the '90 Day Fiance' Tell-All, how it's gone wrong

Evelin told John Yates that she stuck by Laura after the Tell-All, as what we saw never showed half of how Aladin put her down on TV. She felt sorry for Laura, so Evelin offered her a place to stay in Ecuador if she needed to getaway. It seems the gesture was meant kindly, and Laura took up the offer. Yes, Evelin admits she and Laura did those lives that upset fans. But, the "90 Day Fiance" star said she never actually asked Laura if she was pregnant. After all, in her culture, that would have been invasive.

But, Evelin now knows that Laura lies - a lot. Evelin noted that recent lies are getting worse.

Specifically, she said Raul and Laura are not an item. Plus, the romance with Tony of @thechanteltea is a complete lie. Evelin told John that she thinks Laura's doing this to try and get back on the show. This is despite the fact she "never got paid". Apparently, TLC's unhappy with certain things Laura said or did. And, with Laura in Ecuador, it seems that Evelin worries she may say something to threaten her own "90 Day Fiance" contract with TLC.

Corey's in Ecuador and so is Laura while Evelin's in Panama

Evelin's in Panama at the moment and she told John that Corey's looking after the dogs. Corey and Evelin did some filming for "90 Day Fiance" which we'll see "next year," she said. Describing that, Evelin noted that she and Corey had a lot of issues to work through.

And it looks like Laura's interfering in that. Evelin warned Laura not to start posting things about them. After all, the inference is that anything like that could impact on their own contracts. Evelin used the words "big mess" to describe Laura in Ecuador.

Evelin said that she told Laura "today" that "it's over." She added, "I just hope she gets all her sh*t together." According to her, she "tried" to help Laura fix her life. But, "she came and f*cked me up so hard!." Apparently, Laura started saying "really bad things" about her "to Corey." As she points out, "I'm here and Corey's there and we used to live together." But, maybe they can work things out, it depends where it goes.

Meanwhile, Laura's staying in a "super-expensive apartment."

Laura wanted Corey to be her roommate

Laura might not be able to afford living there much longer. But Evelin says she has plans for Corey to be "her roommate, adding, she's "trying to break us up." That's really hard for Evelin to take in. This sounds pretty much like a love triangle in manipulation, you might think. And, Evelin told Corey, who's a "nice guy" that she's "not good news." Oh, and one more thing that came out, is that she's waiting for Corey to post pictures of his property ownership, as she never "took anything from him."

"90 Day Fiance" star Evelin says that as far as she's concerned, Laura's not in "her life anymore." She added, "she better not walk by me, or look at me, or text me or anything." Evelin says she won't "forgive" Laura and adds, "it's amazing - the lies." So, she blocked Laura.

And, it looks like Laura's going to be around for a while yet. She "just got her visa renewed so she can stay for three more months."

John Yates drops tea on Laura, Mohamed and Danielle Jbali

John told Evelin that he heard a tip that Laura tried to get Mohamed on DM's to "talk sh*t on Danielle." So, he asked Evelin if she knew anything about that. The "90 Day Fiance" star said, "that is a whole other issue." According to Evelin, actually, there's a whole other story as "there's a guy in the middle, but it's not Mohamed." Evelin tried to stay out of it and described Danielle as "crazy." So, essentially, Laura and Danielle are "fighting over a man," she agrees.

Danielle "introduced Laura to him online and then he came to visit Laura." Evelin said the she "met him" and he's a "nice guy." But he's not some on the "90 Day Fiance" show.

She added that he's not Danielle's boyfriend but she thinks Danielle's "in love with him." While she does not know how Laura's supporting herself in Ecuador, Evelin noted that this guy's "loaded." So, yes, it seemed this really was some of the biggest tea ever spilled on the show.

There's ten stories in this live with blogger John Yates, but that's for another day. You can watch the whole thing in the video embedded in this article below.

What did you think about all of this tea? Are you surprised that Laura never got paid by TLC, lives on a mysterious income, gets involved with Danielle Jbali and a "loaded guy," and interferes in Corey and Evelin's relationship?

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