"90 Day Fiance" fans know a big feud broke out between Evelin Villegas in Ecuador and Laura Jallali. It came after Evelin revealed in a John Yates' live interview that she believes Laura's trying to break up her and Corey. We reported that other accusations emerged, including Laura allegedly wanting Corey to become her roommate. In retaliation, we also noted that Laura later posted photos of Evelin, claiming Evelin's a cheat. But, she also shared a photo of Evelin's ID showing her marriage status. Now, with Evelin vowing legal action, could this jeopardize Laura's visitor visa status in Ecuador?

Laura gets revenge on Evelin but the '90 Day Fiance' alum could end up in hot water

The ugly accusations by Laura emerged on Christmas Day. According to Evelin, she still enjoyed her Christmas, despite the reveal. And, it wasn't much of a reveal, really. A friend named Rick kissed her rather chastely on the cheek. In another pic, he's hugging her from behind. And, John Yates suggests it came out back when Corey was with Larissa Lima in Las Vegas. In fact, after the Tell-All fans know the couple remained apart for a long time.

Nevertheless, while that smear against an Ecuadorian via online media might be tasteless, possibly photographing and sharing the marriage status of Evelin from her personal ID book may have pushed the envelope of acceptable behavior in Ecuador.

After all, Evelin revealed in the live interview, that Laura just re-extended her visitor visa for three months. That's standard in Ecuador. But, like any country, Laura from "90 Day Fiance" needs to respect the local laws and rights of Ecuadorians.

TLC contracts could be jeopardized by leaking of confidential info about '90 Day Fiance' couples

In our first article about the live interview, we mentioned, "Evelin warned Laura not to start posting things about them.

After all, the inference is that anything like that could impact on their own contracts." Well, part of Corey and Evelin's storyline with TLC means keeping their relationship status from viewers. It could actually spoil future shows of "90 Day Fiance" so TLC loses out on the impact of what they show on the screen.

In fact, Laura herself, according to Evelin broke her contract by spilling stuff online, and she never got paid for her "90 Day Fiance" appearances. It certainly looks like Laura made an effort to destroy Evelin's future with the TV Show. In a long series of Instagram Stories, Evelin noted, "I'm gonna start legal process against Laura. In Ecuador, you cannot just go online and try to destroy someone." Evelin added, "If she wants to live in Ecuador, she needs to learn to live by the rules.

Ecuadorian laws built around the constitution protect citizens

You don't have to be a lawyer to know that across the world, embassies warn visitors to abide by the law. In fact, it's common knowledge that visas could be revoked, not renewed, or even deportation could occur for criminal violations. The actual laws elude non-Ecuadorians. But, some hints in the constitution of the country suggest that Evelin's got the right to certain privacy. And, it's not impossible that "90 Day Fiance's" Laura overstepped some legal line.

According to the 2008 Constitution in English, it says that Ecuadorians have: "(20) The right to personal and family intimacy. (21.) The right to inviolability and secrecy of hard-copy and on-line correspondence, which cannot be retained, opened or examined, except in those cases provided by law, after the court order and under the obligation to uphold the confidentiality of matters other than those motivating their examination. This right protects any type or form of communication."

Could Laura rue the days she bit the hand that fed her?

No doubt, Evelin already approached her lawyers about the violation of her privacy. That, the "90 Day Fiance" star made every clear in her Instagram story. Now, we don't pretend to be lawyers, but going by that constitution, and the laws that uphold it, Evelin's legal team might very well bring some charges against Laura.

If that happens, the next possibility could be that her visa and right to remain in the country then become jeopardized as well.

Even if Evelin takes a civil course of action against her "90 Day Fiance" castmate, that could hurt her as well. After all, the word is that Laura's financially broke. Fans know that after the Tell-All, Evelin felt sorry for Laura and offered her refuge for a while in Ecuador. Humiliated by Aladin on national TV, Evelin extended a hand of friendship to Laura. Now, she bit the hand that fed her, and maybe she'll come to rue the day.

What do you think about Evelin vowing legal action against Laura? Do you think this could jeopardize Laura's stay or impact on her visa to Ecuador? Only time will tell.

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