Over the last couple of years, Stephen King fans have had an opportunity to watch film and TV adaptations of the horror author’s work. Some are good, while others are just plain awful, so there is always some trepidation on the part of King’s Constant Readers when a new adaptation is announced.

As noted by Dread Central, the latest adaptation to hit the media is an HBO adaptation based on King’s unusual murder mystery story, “The Outsider.” The book was published in 2018 and the mystery is about how a man can be in two places at once. How can he brutally assault and kill a boy, while having an bulletproof alibi that he was elsewhere at the time?

‘The Outsider’ coming early 2020 on HBO

The trailer below will give an idea of just how good this adaptation is, but the praise of the author himself says it all. Shortly after the extended trailer for “The Outsider” was released, Stephen King took to Twitter to praise the adaptation and the work of the screenwriter, Richard Price. In the tweet he includes the trailer and says “The Outsider” is one of the best adaptations of his work and he hopes that everyone will watch it.

As reported by Cinemablend, Jason Bateman is involved in “The Outsider,” partly as a producer for at least the first two episodes, but also starring as the character Terry Maitland, a respected sports coach and local man who suddenly gets arrested during a game.

He stands accused of brutally sexually assaulting and murdering a young boy.

DNA and fingerprints make it clear that he is the one that did the crime. However, while the crime was ongoing, he was in another city attending a conference by a famous writer. He even gets captured on a news video while asking the author a question.

Terry’s friend and lawyer, Howie Gold, is played by Bill Camp, who was Emmy-nominated for his role in “The Night Of.” Howie has a real job on his hands with so much evidence against his client. The lead detective on the case, he who arrests Terry at such a dramatic time, is Ralph Anderson, who is played in the series by Ben Mendelsohn of “Bloodline” and “Captain Marvel” fame.

His character soon regrets his swift actions, as Terry’s alibis keep piling up.

Holly Gibney is on the case

Stephen King fans were thrilled to see the introduction of Holly Gibney into the story, that fans who have watched the TV series of “Mr Mercedes,” or read the King trilogy, will know well. She gets involved in the mystery and is played by Cynthia Erivo, who recently starred in “Harriet.” Other stars include Mare Winningham (“American Horror Story”). Paddy Considine, Julianne Nicholson, Yul Vasquez, March Menchaca and Jeremy Bobb.

“The Outsider” will run as a ten-episode miniseries with a double-episode premiere on HBO on January 12 at 9:00 pm ET.