"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" ended with Corey Rathgeber unhappy as Raul and Evelin seemed close. And once-popular Corey picked up hate for allowing Evelin to walk all over him. But now, the other cast members of the TLC show all urge fans to follow Corey on Instagram. En-mass, on the same day, they all posted about it. Plus, notably, Evelin's no longer blocked by Corey. Could this mean a return to the franchise?

Cast members usually promote newcomers to the '90 Day Fiance' show

At the start of a new season in the franchise, we quite often see cast members urging fans to follow the newcomers.

But, in the last 24 hours, nearly all the members of "The Other Way" shared Stories on Instagram, urging fans to follow alum Corey Rathgeber. Now, we know from Screenrant that the cast of "90 Day Fiance" follow quite strict rules with TLC. What they can and can't share on social media is closely governed. When most of the cast from a spinoff all share the same message, one naturally wonders if TLC requires a push for a cast member.

It's highly unlikely that each of them just woke up and decided today's the day to promote Corey. Especially, people like Ronald Smith who clashed with Corey at the Tell-All. And, even Karine Staehle took time out from her divorce proceedings against Paul to promote Corey.

Also, notably, we now see that Evelin's no longer blocked by Corey. Evelin draws few comments on her Instagram posts these days, but the hate's probably just lurking in wait if she should make a return to the show. And, I reported in the past that Evelin may have hinted at a return to the franchise.

Could the promos for Corey Rathgeber mean a return for the '90 Day Fiance' alum?

So far, I found Ronald Smith, Tiffany Franco, Aladin Jallali, Karine, Deavan Clegg, and Sumit's Jenny all shared the same promo for Corey.

There may be others, but given that Stories expire after 24-hours, I may have missed them. But, out of six couples, barring Evelin and Corey, at least one member of each couple pushed the promo. Surely, that's not something involuntary? Could it mean a return for Corey, and possibly Evelin?

In another article, I mentioned that Corey "considered more TV work with the "90 Day Fiance" franchise." The reception to that on Facebook mainly revealed many fans hated the idea of it. In that article, I reported, "Corey answered questions in a Q&A. His conversation ranged from thinking he went a bit too far over the fan who lost their job for hating on Evelin, to thinking about more TV work.

He also mentioned that he truly believes that Evelin really just "forgot" to wear her engagement ring during the Tell-All."

There's space for people like Corey in '90 day Fiance' spinoffs

Recall that ahead of the Tell-All, Evelin posted on her Instagram, "It's been a pleasure to be on your tv till next time." Plus, she mentioned that she'll "see [us] again." That could hint at a return. Now, there's space for people like Corey on the show. The final casting call went out for the second season on "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" season 2. We already heard the Jenny and Sumit might return, as well as Deavan Clegg and Jihoon. These are not yet confirmed by TLC. So, as Evelin and Raul left things hanging with Corey, maybe we'll see them back.

Another possibility's the fact that these days couples spend some time on "Pillow Talk." They might use him there. Or, consider the other spinoff, "Where Are They Now?" Or, even "Happily Ever After?" could be on the cards. So, it's not impossible that TLC might use Corey again in one of those "90 Day Fiance" spinoffs. Plus, with Evelin unblocked on Corey's IG, maybe things are not as "go-nowhere" as we might suspect.

What do you think about the cast of "The Other Way" all promoting and urging fans to follow Corey Rathgeber on Instagram? Do you think TLC maybe told them to push him as they plan a return for him?

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