While horror fans consider "The Shining" a classic, I never really liked horror flicks. Nothing from Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film stood out to me as a moviegoer. Now that a sequel has come along and when placed next to "The Shining," I've got a new appreciation for it. It's a sequel made by someone who loved the original horror film.

One of the best parts about "Doctor Sleep," it doesn't waste any time. It's not just a film, it's a story that i couldn't turn away from. While it's set 31 years later, "Doctor Sleep" plays like an epilogue to "The Shining." The film takes off and doesn't stop, even once to explain what is going on.

'Doctor Sleep,' follows the events of 'The Shining'

"Doctor Sleep," was helmed by Mike Flanagan and based on the Stephen novel that follows a grown up Danny Torrance, who is struggling with the trauma he experienced at the Overlook Hotel years ago. Danny has become more like his father, turning into a struggling alcoholic battling his demons of rage and addiction.

Danny continues to be haunted by the spirits from the Overlook Hotel, but manages to control them by locking them inside special boxes in his mind. He eventually makes a connection with a child named Abra who shares similar gifts. The pair end up drawing the attention of True Knot, a society led by Rose the Hat, who feeds off the spirits of children with psychic abilities.

'Doctor Sleep' deals with addiction

Rebecca Ferguson plays Rose, and brings to life one of the most unique villains in the Steven King library. Rose is a cold, vicious and beautiful villain. "Doctor Sleep," is not your normal sequel because of what it had to fit in. Stanley Kubrick changed "The Shining" in man ways to tell the story, a decision King strongly despised.

The book and film versions are very different and that led to a sequel that would be difficult to translate to the silver screen.

"Dr. Sleep," followed the events of the novel, and not the film, while the film is meant to follow Kubrick's work. Flanagan created a story that is part sequel and part true to the novel. The final minutes of "Doctor Sleep," are a conclusion to the two films as well as a director's love letter to "The Shining." Fans will feel nostalgic after watching.

A major theme throughout this story is that of addiction. King, a former addict, inserts addiction into his stories and that can be seen in "The Shining," and "Doctor Sleep." The two films show the pain and suffering caused by drug and alcohol addiction. The Overlook Hotel and True Knot are both addicts that will sell their souls for their next hit. Rose is nothing more than an addict, she sniffs up the souls. It goes to another level when she finally meets Danny. "Doctor Sleep," is a fantastic creepy, haunting, disturbing film. This sequel adds so much to the original.